This is why your B2B Email Marketing Campaign doesn’t produce Leads

Email marketing seems basic enough to carry out and needs no special skills. How hard could it be? You develop a mailing list, you send your content, and track the progress. And besides, email has been and remains to be the most faithful pillar and icon of lead generation lore.

Little do most marketers know that certain (mis)steps can and will kill their chances of conversion. These are things that we normally view as harmless and would not have any adverse effects:

Overusing images – Marketers now tend to use a singular image as the entire representation of their content, not considering the possibility that a.) Prospects might disable images when viewing email via mobile devices, or b.) Putting all your eggs on one image is a make-or-break risk. HTML-based emails are the new thing, but overdoing it could also hurt.

Not personalizing emails – Many companies take effort to the next level by ditching generic emails in favor of receiver-customized ones. When emails are segmented based on clientele profiles, people would feel that the company is personally reaching out to them rather than throwing an open letter to the world, thus increasing CTRs and conversions.

Harassing prospects with thousands of calls-to-action – Blame this on modern image technology; oftentimes we see content pages saturated with various links that not only create confusion but also causes prospects not to click anything in the end. Create a singular, powerful call-to-action and place it strategically where it’s impossible to miss and impossible to misinterpret.

Not sending enough emails – Perhaps due to a lingering (albeit reasonable) fear of being regarded as spam, marketers are missing out on conversions because their emails lack impact. An introductory email is not enough; send up to 3 emails a week and focus on educating them, not annoying them. While doing so, link your emails together and find your way in building momentum.

Forgetting to include contact information – Need be elaborated?

Lacking value in your content – The ultimate trickery is having prospects open an email with dazzling imagery and words, only to conclude in the end that nothing in it offers real value, perhaps because it was not catered to a specific need or persona. Work hard in letting them feel like hitting a jackpot upon knowing what your email has got to offer them, and you’ll see the results instantly.