8 Things a Lead Generation Agency Should Provide

Lead generation services agencies are the best.

They can leverage their specialization in bringing in qualified leads while their clients can focus on product development and customer service.

It’s a solid recipe for rapid scaling and growth.

In this guide, we take a look at the 8 things that a lead generation agency should easily provide to all their clients.

Quality Database

Everything revolves around data.

A good lead generation agency should have a robust database of leads that includes demographic information, characteristics, habits, etc.

This helps in segmenting possible prospects, crafting personalized messages for them, and eventually getting them to convert.

Also, it’s not just about the quantity of information that they have about a lead, but the quality. A quality database has to be constantly updated and qualified, information should be timely, and there should be systems in place to weed out wrong or outdated information.

Everything rises and falls on good data.

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A Long-Term Plan (and Contract)

There should always be a long-term plan in place that aligns with the client’s values and goals.

This plan should detail the objectives of the lead generation, the KPIs that will be periodically revisited, and the expectations of both parties.

Contracts are automatic in these situations to protect both parties, but a plan serves as a roadmap for future growth.

It gives the stakeholders an overview of what they should expect to see in the following months, and it provides a detailed guide for the teams to follow.

Reliable Team

An agency is only as good as the team that they employ, and any great lead generation agency should have a team that their clients can trust.

This doesn’t just include the main lead generation specialists on the team, but content providers, client care services, and team leaders should also be dependable and easy to communicate with.

This allows clients and agencies to align their goals with each other and fosters a good working relationship.

Look at the company culture before deciding to go with a lead generation agency, and try to have one-on-one sessions with your point person to get to know them better.

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Resources (Content, Scripts, Email Copies, etc.)

A lead generation company should provide their clients with content, scripts, and other marketing materials that are going to be used for the campaigns that they have planned out.

They should be able to create original materials that resonate well with their clients’ prospects. These resources should be frequently updated and heavily personalized depending on the target customer profile.

Agencies should also give their clients some wiggle room to make alterations and suggest changes to the resources that are going to be used. In the end, clients have the last say on the work that’s being done.

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Each lead generation company will have its own tech stack that they work well with.

However, take note if their main applications can integrate with popular CRMs so that information transfer is more streamlined.

They should provide some form of training for their tech stacks so that a client’s internal team will have no problem with using it.

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Multi-channel Reach

Companies can’t do lead generation on a single channel anymore.

Lead generation companies shouldn’t just be able to provide their clients with multiple channels that they can choose from. They should also be able to craft multi-channel campaigns that rely on different touchpoints on different platforms.

In this way, prospects are gently and subtly led down the sales funnel, no matter what platform they’re in.

There should be multichannel workflows where each channel serves a purpose in converting the prospect, e.g. brand awareness via Facebook, content via LinkedIn, pitches via email, etc.

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Lead Nurturing

Agencies should provide lead nurturing services or at least integrate them as part of their lead generation.

As business becomes more competitive and sales cycles in some industries become more drawn-out, lead nurturing becomes a must to help leads move further into the funnel.

Whether it be retargeted ads, reminder emails, or exposure to content that helps educate them, it has to be customized depending on where the prospect is in the funnel.

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Regular Reporting

A feedback system ensures that both the client and agency are in sync when it comes to their objectives — promoting transparency by allowing clients to check if KPIs are being met.

Reporting helps both parties assess the situation and make adjustments whenever necessary.

Regular reporting includes monthly catch-up meetings, weekly status updates, and if possible a dedicated dashboard so that you know where your campaign is heading in real-time.

This should serve as a guide of what to expect from any reputable lead generation agency. Some agencies might be able to provide more value-added services, but these are just the bare minimum that any client should expect to receive. Are you interested in lead generation services from industry professionals? Find out more about what Callbox has to offer!

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