6 Things Your Lead Generation Partner Should Provide


Lead generation is undeniably considered the heartbeat of any business, and like many other businesses out there, you either are in the process of getting a lead generation services partner or you already have one. Having established that lead generation is the core of your business’ survival, there is a big difference between just having a typical business partner and working with someone who has to assume the same level of accountability of your company’s success like you do. 

Aside from the obvious and precious leads that your partner should provide you with, there are other important deliverables that your partner should be providing you, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in today’s blog post.

Data Capacity

It goes without saying that the backbone of any lead generation partner is their data strength.  This is their capacity that plays a big role in showcasing their efficiency, qualitative, and insightfulness and how successful your lead generation program is going to be. Your partner should be able to preserve, build, nurture, and manage this data capacity through advanced database management technology. When your lead generation partner can provide you with these, you know you’ve trusted the right people to become your partner.

Documented Conversion Rates

With lead generation, you would always want to have a hard copy of your conversion rates data. It’s the actual numbers that you want. 

Your lead generation partner should be able to regularly and consistently provide different types of marketing goals and satisfy your customer’s needs. Oftentimes, conversion rates are neglected by suppliers who look to deliver the goods and then forget about it after they made revenue. So, be sure that your lead generation partner is able to regularly provide you with hard copies of your overall documented conversion rates.

Scale of Operations

Since lead generation campaigns often demand deliverables within narrow timelines. In line with this, your partner should be able to scale up its operations in sync with your own demands to make sure that all deliverables are met on time and within cost.

High-quality Standard

Quality is by far the most important aspect your partner should be able to provide you. You don’t want to shell out a big sum of money for several campaigns only to get a run-of-the-mill introduction presentation. While your partner has been able to check off all the other criteria in your checklist, the one thing you have to keep an eye out for is that, above all, they can provide you with high-quality leads. 

What exactly a high-quality lead is is quite different for different clients. This is why it is important that you review your lead generation partner’s quality control system as well as the levels and depths of checks that they use to make sure that leads are being evaluated before they get to you.

Tools and Technology

Not only should your partner be skilled, but they should also be able to provide you with all the right tools and technology in order to manage, automate, and optimize your campaigns. From lead verification to SEO tools, they should possess them and know how to operate each one of them.

People and Talent

Putting together a team and finding the right talents to run your campaign shouldn’t fall in your hands but in your partner’s. They are the ones to put together and provide you with a solid team of professionals who will be handling your campaigns.

The Takeaway

Choosing and successfully acquiring a lead generation partner is only the start of the journey. There are many other factors that play a very important role in lead generation campaigns. If you’re still in the process of finding a lead generation partner, then we hope that the things we listed above are going to be great guides for you to look into when choosing the right partner for you. If you already are in a partnership, these can still be great points for you to use in evaluating whether or not your current lead generation partner is bringing it all to the table.

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