The Metamorphosis of a B2B Lead

The Metamorphosis of a B2B Lead

Guy in Steve Erwin garb: The journey of a B2B lead through the sales pipeline is often compared with the life cycle of a caterpillar into a beautiful monarch butterfly. Let’s see the similarities in action.

The Metamorphosis of a B2B Lead

Here’s a full transcript of the infographic:

Butterfly eggs 

First off, the production of eggs. Biological studies point out that weather conditions have a significant role in egg production among insects, especially monarch butterflies. Likewise, the quantity of generated B2B leads depends on market trends. Thus, marketers must determine certain opportunities to produce the most prospects.

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Caterpillars Eating Leaves

After a certain amount of time, the eggs hatch into voracious caterpillars. Their appetite impels them to eat heftily, as the nutrients they consume are significant for the next phase. In the same manner, B2B leads that have hatched into warm prospects express the same degree of hunger – in this case, for information.

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Butterfly Pupa

After a prolonged period of heavy eating, the caterpillars are ready to pupate. Each of them finds a place to settle in, forming chrysalises in which they develop mature parts. This process is similar to when prospects finally decide to engage you in isolated business appointments.

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Flock of Butterflies

After several patient months, the butterflies escape from their cocoons and set out to live as adults. It also takes the same amount of time and persistence before prospects develop a well-informed decision to hire you as their service provider. It can get tough along the way, but it’s worth seeing sales results as beautiful as a flock of monarch butterflies.

The journey of a B2B lead entails a lot of processes. It is important to provide the necessary conditions and facilitate their journey towards maturity, which only a competent B2B lead generation company is capable of doing.

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