Is Social Media as a Lead Generation Tool Overrated?

Social Media as a Lead Generation Tool Overrated

If you are a marketer and you don’t consider social media an effective lead generation tool, then you are either misled or insane for ignoring the internet’s vast capabilities.

Social media has stitched itself in the fabric of human culture way back in the 90’s. Almost every aspect of modern human life is digitalized; from renting movies to paying bills, every action is made easy by IT innovations. And it is not surprising that personal and professional communication benefit from the internet as well.

Business processes and decisions are mainly influenced by communication. And it is through social media that most B2B transactions are undertaken. A Forrester study revealed that at least 85% of marketing execs say that social media is important.

Marketers also do not neglect the use of social media as a means to generate high profile B2B leads and provide solutions to other companies. Indeed, a majority of companies from various industries have already established a firm presence online. Numerous blog articles can attest to this.

But one is tempted to ask: For how long will social media thrive as a potent lead generation tool? Will it ever wane?

Despite all the praise it procures, social media is an overrated marketing tool – at least to some. This is elucidated by the fact that an over-reliance of social channels as counter-effective. This is mainly due to the belief among most marketers that once you have a social campaign, you’re fine.  In reality however, social media tools are limited only by its function of giving you a space online. They simply have nothing to do about your image through the use of online gimmicks and content.

In addition, competition over a big slice of the online audience is fiercer than ever. Given that nearly 100% of your industry has already made established an online presence, you are compelled to devise and invest in better social media content to optimize your lead generation.

These points seem to demonstrate that social marketing isn’t as effective as it used to. But this doesn’t mean your company Facebook and LinkedIn profiles have become irrelevant in lead generation and management. Regardless of social media being increasingly commonplace, one can always employ effective multichannel marketing systems for better sales results. Social media isn’t entirely singled out from the equation as it can also help in lead nurturing.

As to the question of social media waning as a marketing tool, time can only tell. For now, it is wise to make use of the existing advantages that social media has in its sleeves.