How to Set Appointments with Mid to Large Enterprise Firms Contacts

How to Set Appointments with Mid to Large Enterprise Firms Contacts

Business success is hard-won and fleeting, and generating monthly recurring income is the only way to keep growing and prospering, no matter how successful your firm is right now. That means getting more meetings with important decision-makers for the vast majority of B2B companies, even more so when targeting mid to large enterprise firms. 

If that’s you, then this article is for you. We’re going to talk about how you can effectively set appointments with mid to large enterprise firms contacts.

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Prioritize appointments over your product

SDR’s most common error is forgetting what they’re attempting to sell in the first place. They get so engrossed in only the solution and the benefits so much that the call results in the SDR making the call about the product rather than setting an appointment. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to present a solution to your customer’s problems. In fact, this is what you should do. However, there is a perfect time and place for everything, and a phone call is not the appropriate time to sell your product to them. 

When you’re engaging with your potential customers for the first time over the phone it’s all about establishing a connection, engaging into a productive conversation that will ultimately lead to setting an appointment with them where you have the time and opportunity to present your solutions to them. 

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Make scheduling appointments easier 

Many businesses place a high priority on developing an excellent contact database. To warm up leads, they spend a lot of money on inbound marketing tactics. Despite the fact that connecting with a potential customer takes at least around 20 calls, many SDRs still make it difficult to book an appointment when people visit your website. 

You don’t want to scare them off your website because there is no clear direction as to how they can meet with you. So, make sure that there is a call-to-action button that’s visible on your landing page. 

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Scheduling software to the rescue

Having a scheduling software integrated into your appointment setting strategies is arguably one of the best ways to efficiently set appointments with your targeted prospects. Make sure to have a tool that can be directly linked through your sales executive’s agenda. Your salespeople may communicate their availability right away all while defining the meeting criteria which includes information like their available work hours, how long the meeting is going to be, etc. 

The great thing about a scheduling software is that it makes the process of arranging an appointment for potential clients simple and hassle-free. At the same time, it decreases your SDRs workload which allows them to spend more of their time to be more productive with internal operations instead of having to constantly phone and email people to schedule an appointment. 

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Make your calls better

Make sure they aren’t all the same. Scripts are useful to some extent, but they may make salespeople seem weary and unenthusiastic while also making them appear indifferent. Before each call, spend some time doing some research. 

For news, interests, or any kind of insight into who the person you’re contacting is, do your research on them. Examine their LinkedIn page to learn more about their professional path and the organizations they’ve worked for, as well as which posts they’ve frequently interacted with and shared.  Remember that this will assist the person on the other end of the phone to get more comfortable  with talking to you. The best way to practice this by – you guessed it: making more calls. The more calls you make, the faster you master the art of engaging with your potential clients more effectively and increasing the chances of landing more appointments with them. 

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You can’t make a sale if you can’t obtain an appointment. As a result, salespeople must devote sufficient time to extensively study and prepare for prospecting calls. These are all basic suggestions, but your salespeople already have so much on their plates that they don’t have the time to devote to these critical areas. We hope that these tips are going to propel your appointment setting endeavors forward.

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