Selling New Tech? Tips to Impress and Engage Your Technology Sales Leads

Tips to Impress and Engage Your Technology Sales Leads

Selling a new tech product is a great challenge. You might be selling to someone who knows nothing about technology or to someone who thinks he knows all.

Most salespeople think that discussing the features of the product would sell. But, this seems not to be the case. You might know your product very well and talk about it passionately. But, will this sell? Are the sales team equipped with the right tools? Do they have an accurate set of prospects derived using lead generation services? Do they possess a sufficient understanding of your potential clients?

So, what’s the secret of successful technology salespeople? Here are some tips and tricks that we want to share with you.

Know how to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Many passionate tech product sellers like to impress their customers by talking about their products. But, can this solve their problem?

The best way to sell a tech product is to make the customer aware that it can help solve their problems. Ask them what challenges they experience and talk about how the tech product you are selling can solve their issues.

Focus on the benefits, not on the features. What you sell may have all the best features but if potential customers do not have any idea how it could benefit them you can never make a sale. 

Do not talk about technology and features.

When talking to prospective customers about a tech product that you are selling, do not focus on its best features. Some people do not understand why such a feature is good. 

But show them how such features can make their work easier and they will be willing to buy.

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Ask clients about their problems and offer a solution.

Do not tell your clients what their problem is; let them tell you what issues they have. Once they have acknowledged the challenges that they have to face, they will welcome the solution that you offer.

Remember that some business owners do not like other people to find out about their problems. They prefer to be the first to know and find a solution. 

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Know your prospective customer.

Before presenting the best pitch you have ever prepared in your sales career, do some research first about your prospective client. 

Check their LinkedIn profile. Find out what problems they have and how your product can help solve those problems. 

Send them a personalized email and how you can meet some of their needs. You have to spend time and effort but you are sure that you hit the target.

Do not be too technical

When you present the product to prospective customers, avoid using technical terms. The customer may lose interest because he cannot understand anything. Focusing on the benefits of the product is better than describing the technical features.

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Provide the necessary documents.

Prospective buyers usually look for instructions on how to use the product. The inclusion of a user guide will help customers enjoy the functionality of the product to the fullest. They do not have to seek online help or support if the instructions are clear. 

Instructions on how to return or exchange a product will be of great help. Others might want to get a refund. Include these details on your website for the convenience of the customers. 

Let prospective customers know the price.

Some salespeople save telling the price last for fear that the prospect would back off once they find it too high. 

But, this is better than spending time and effort wooing them to buy something when they cannot afford the price. Weeding them out at the early stage of the sales process will allow you to focus on those you can convert.

Why hesitate to say the price? If the product you are selling is a solution to a prospective customer’s problem, you can be sure that price will not affect their decision to buy.

Offer a free trial.

A free trial is possible for Tech products such as software. Most companies allow a 14-day trial or a 30-day trial. Letting them try the product. 

Once potential customers have tried the product and it satisfies them, there is a big chance that they will buy it. If you have a great product, giving your customers a free trial will convert them into a customer.

Consider these tips when selling a tech product and be a successful tech salesperson

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