How a B2B Logistics Brand Secured a $6M Deal with Callbox

How a B2B Logistics Brand Secured a $6M Deal with Callbox

By definition, the B2B Logistics industry is where one or more commercial transactions between two businesses occur, rather than the direct delivery of goods to the end-user or customer. It is complex, precise, and often guarded by a shield of operational intricacies. 

Which makes closing more high-value deals even more challenging. After all, how do you—a logistics firm—encapsulate the success of streamlining operations, optimizing supply chains, or sealing lucrative deals into a narrative that resonates with the Logistics Coordinator, Procurement Manager, Operations Manager, Shipping Manager, Home Delivery Operations Manager, C-level executives, and President?

About The Client

This Pittsburg, PA-based logistics company has over 40 years of providing managed freight, shipping, and storage services. It recently started expanding in the “last mile” segment by implementing a full spectrum customer acquisition plan.

The company needed help with top-of-funnel marketing activities, so it could focus on conversions in later funnel stages. Callbox became its outsourced marketing partner and launched a targeted appointment-setting campaign that combined an account-based multichannel marketing approach which includes phone, email, chat, and social media.

The Client was able to close 3 of the Callbox-generated appointments as new customers, bringing in a total of $6 million in new sales.

The Challenge: Navigating the Last Mile

With a keen focus on enhancing “last-mile” delivery services for traditional retailers and e-commerce businesses, our client embarked on a multi-faceted marketing initiative. However, to truly amplify its presence, a robust strategy involving digital outreach and targeted prospecting was indispensable.

The decision was made to divide responsibilities between their in-house team and a trusted marketing agency. The outsourcing agency would spearhead early-stage prospecting and lead generation, while the company’s in-house team would nurture and convert these prospects further down the sales funnel.

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Crafting a Tailored Approach

Callbox, renowned for its expertise in lead generation and appointment setting, collaborated with the client to design a 12-month campaign specifically tailored to their needs. This comprehensive plan encompassed a multi-channel approach—utilizing voice, email, web, chat, and social media to engage prospects effectively.

Additionally, tools like the Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM empowered the client’s sales enablement and support.

The Objectives were clear:

  • Identify and engage retail businesses aligning with the client’s services.
  • Connect with key decision-makers overseeing logistics and home delivery operations.
  • Qualify these leads and schedule introductory meetings.
  • Execution: Precision Targeting and Persuasive Profiling

The initial phase involved meticulous research and selection of target accounts. Retail and e-commerce companies dealing in furniture, electronics, and appliances across the US were pinpointed. Decision-makers handling logistics, home delivery operations, and order fulfillment became the prime focus.

Callbox utilized its extensive database and conducted additional research to acquire crucial contact information, ensuring a well-defined outreach strategy.

The next step was detailed account and prospect profiling. The campaign zeroed in on buyer personas critical to the client’s goals, such as Logistics Coordinators, Procurement Managers, Operations Managers, and C-level executives. Segmentation based on industry type further streamlined the targeting process.

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Numbers Don’t Lie: The Results

The 12-month Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign delivered exceptional outcomes:

Callbox lead generation campaign wins six million dollars for a logistics firm

The true testament to this success was the clinching of a $6 million deal from just three leads within the first half of the campaign. These results not only validated the effectiveness of the strategy but also opened doors to high-value opportunities awaiting in the pipeline.

Powering Growth through Strategic Partnerships

In the dynamic world of B2B logistics, effective outreach and engagement can significantly impact growth trajectories. This case exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between a forward-thinking logistics brand and a strategic marketing partner like Callbox, showcasing how a well-executed campaign can unlock substantial opportunities and revenue streams.

As the client continues to expand its reach and offerings, this success story serves as a testament to the potential unlocked through strategic marketing endeavors.

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