Secret In Innovative Lead Generation – The Inclusivity

Too often, people fall victim to the notion that innovations in lead generation must come out of a closed room, from only a small number of people. Well, that would be a warranted mistake if they think of the likes of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, etc. but those people belong to the surprising minority.  If you want to have real innovation in generating B2B leads, you just need to open your doors and let others enter the picture. Believe it or not, the people around you might be the best source of innovative ideas in finding more sales leads.

Remember, true innovation does not come from one man alone, nor does it require the input of only a few managers. Think of how Samsung got into the top in smartphone sales. They did not have that extensive innovation team to come up with revolutionary designs. What they did is analyze customer buying behavior. They studied which phone designs and software fit the tastes of the market. From there, they came up with newer and better designs (in the fastest way possible) to capitalize on those customer tastes. You can do that, too. You can try having a telemarketing survey to figure out what you need to meet your customer needs.

Letting others have a say in what you do is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it can be a liberating experience for you. It can give you fresher idea on how to go about your appointment setting campaign or some new product or service in the future.