Regional Marketing Strategies for Multi-location Companies

Regional marketing isn’t limited to your current local business. If you’re a multi-location company, you also need to take a local-first approach into your marketing strategies in order to be able to excite your local target customers of that specific region. 

Marketing strategies have greatly shifted and it is all about the personal and customer-centric approach now. It’s important that you bring something unique to the table especially when you deal with audiences that hail from different walks of life around the globe. In this post, let’s talk about the different regional marketing strategies that you should look into if you run a multi-location company. 

Overarching Brand Message

One of the biggest challenges that you will be faced when opening up multi-location companies is that every time you expand into a new region, is how you will be able to incorporate your social media marketing efforts into your overall business strategy.  So, when you’re setting up your social media presence in a new region. Make sure that all your global social media marketing efforts tie into your overall business goal of building up your brand awareness. 

Your primary focus should be starting with a plan that focuses on your global social media mandate and once you’ve ironed it out, present it to your regional team. This step is necessary in order for you to capture your business’ objectives, values, mission, and vision because this will help your regional teams develop campaigns and digital promotions that will specifically cater to your regional target market. 

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Draw Inspiration from Local Experts

It will get quite difficult to get to know your customers in an area that’s foreign to you. Given the current global circumstances, you may not be able to personally spend time in the region you expanded to, and that’s okay. The best step forward here is to find a local expert. 

Partner up with local experts and influencers in order to gain the best insights on the region. They will be the ones to help you identify the overall tastes, culture, and languages that’s unique to your local audiences and in turn, you can use their local culture into your business and marketing strategy. 

Another thing that you should look into is to follow local media stations and blogs in order to keep yourself informed and educated on whatever is trending and popular in the current moment. That way you can make sure that your content and marketing stays on point and relevant to what is happening in that region. 

Content Catered to Each Region

We all know that content is the golden key to success to your local marketing strategies and campaigns. On your website, think of creating a location page. Since you may have more than one location under your belt, it’s not necessary to make a separate website for each one as that is not going to be cost-efficient and multiple websites will only confuse your audience. Instead, on your website, have a stand-alone location page for each region that you handle. As always, create content that’s relevant to your audience in the specific region. This ties in with the previous point I made about drawing inspiration from local experts and doing your own diligent research on the local culture. 

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Build Local Relationships

It’s not uncommon for local customers to be quite skeptical about international brands and companies that they’re not too familiar with. It has to become your mission for your local customers to see that your regional brand isn’t just there to make profit, but more than anything to give back to the community, help them, and get involved. 

As much as possible try to build a relationship with your local audience by hosting events which will give them reasons to visit your location. Offer them fun activities as well as useful and educational training. Online events are just as valuable as in-person events as we all know that everyone lives on the internet nowadays. Just be sure to make the overall experience for them an unforgettable one, get involved as much as possible and follow up with them after the event by reconnecting and showing genuine interest in wanting to partner with them. 

Performance Data Check

Once you get your regional business rolling and things seem to have been ironed out, it’s important to also take a look back at the progress you’ve made and review the results that it has garnered throughout every stage. Section your sales and marketing data by each region to get a good picture of what works and what doesn’t. 

Make this a regular process instead of an afterthought as this will help you learn more about your audience and see what regional marketing strategies perform well across your multi-location companies.


Becoming a global brand also means that you also need to be a local brand. So, connect with your chosen local community across different regions, build strong relationships, and be proactive as well as innovative with your approaches. 

The strategies that we presented you with serve as guidelines for what will surely work in your overall approach, but don’t forget to also add your own flavors and twists to the mix to make each strategy unique to your brand and business.

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