4 Hard Questions to Ask if You Need to Hand Your Lead Generation to an Agency

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Lead generation is the fuel that makes businesses grow. Some companies have already figured out a lead generation strategy that complements their business model while some are still struggling. Other businesses, on the other hand, have no idea or are in denial that they need to focus on lead generation.

Whether you already have a team handling lead generation or not, how do you know if your in-house team can really handle it or it’s time to call the big guns?

Here are some hard questions to ask so you can evaluate whether you need an agency to handle lead gen for you or not. 

Does your team have the skillset?

Lead generation is part of the marketing process and you have a marketing team in place. Evaluate your team if they are up to the task of capturing and nurturing leads until they are ready to become customers.

Nurturing includes guiding each lead into the sales funnel and maintaining their interest so they make a purchase. The nurturing does not stop when they buy your product or service. The goal is for them to repurchase and become loyal customers.

If this is not happening, you should consider partnering with a lead generation agency to do the work for you. 

You might think of learning the processes yourself. However, you might end up wasting time learning the ropes instead of generating leads. On the other hand, an agency will help you reach your goals faster.

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Do you and your team feel overworked?

If you and your team feel that you are always on your feet but not getting any work done, then it’s another sign that you need an agency to handle your lead generation. Science also shows that multitasking reduces productivity by 40 percent. So you should not be surprised if you have a team that is not just tired but less productive and less efficient as well.

There’s no sense juggling each and every marketing task if you can’t get anything done. If you hire an agency, you’ll relieve your team with some tasks and they can focus more on what they do best. Your team can also maximize their marketing efforts and craft their message better instead of trying to find leads.

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What is the state of your sales?

A decrease in sales is an indication that you are running out of leads. Worse, you might be generating leads but they are not qualified.

Save yourself from worrying about declining sales by hiring a lead generation agency. These experts can create and qualify enough leads that become sales; thus, saving your company from decline.

A third-party lead generation management team also has the expertise in auditing your marketing strategies and giving suggestions on the things you need to change. They will be able to diagnose whether the problem lies in your marketing or sales team.

An agency can also identify the right market for your business and send the right message to attract high-quality leads. When your message reaches the right target, you will see an increase in your sales.

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Are you running out of fresh ideas?

If writers experience writer’s block, creatives — like your marketing team — can also run out of fresh and novel ideas. Meanwhile, an outside team can provide ideas that will invigorate the creativity of your marketing team.

An agency does not just have a dedicated team to generate and manage your leads, but they also have the expertise to get your team out of the creative rut. They can help you create plans from scratch or turn ideas into a complete vision.

Aside from being a creative think tank, a lead generation agency is equipped to measure results whether the marketing efforts are successful or not. By measuring results, they can eliminate any unnecessary elements and set up goals based on your objectives.

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Are You Spending Your Time on the Right Things?

If your answers to the above questions are negative, then you might be wasting your resources. Your business does not have to fail because you did not ask for help. If the questions reveal that you indeed need a lead generation agency at this point in time, don’t delay. Give us a call and take the first step to more sales and productivity.

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