Proper Listening Skills: Secrets for Lead Generation

How to make your lead generation campaign successful depends on a lot of things. You have to have a good product that will get the attention of your business prospects, a marketing campaign that maximizes audience impact, as well as a few other tricks that will help you bring in the sales leads that you need. Of course, while it is true that the above three factors, there is also another factor that can affect your success in generating B2B leads, and it so happens to be the most basic, the most important, of all: your listening skills.

Really, with good listening skills, you can be effective in your appointment setting efforts. Unfortunately, that is precisely the skill that a lot of marketers these days tend to forget. With their desire to get their sales volume up, they take on an overly aggressive and pushy stance in increasing their sales volume. Not only does this actually push prospects away from you, it is also counter-intuitive to what proper marketing is all about.

To be effective, you need to listen properly. But how will you do that?

  1. Be focused – you need to concentrate on your work. Getting distracted or letting your mind wander will not do well, especially if you are having a discussion with appointment setting prospects.
  2. Get clues for emotions – this is especially when you are talking to prospects on the phone. Since you do not see them personally, you have to listen carefully to how the talk, as well as the tone of their voice.
  3. Ask proper questions – you cannot just go fill in blanks on your own, since this will only create misunderstandings. You have to ask right in order to understand right what your prospects really need.
  4. Do not interrupt – this is especially true when using telemarketing as your communication medium. You need to keep the flow of information going.
  5. Never assume – assumptions are never good during a business, since there is a great likelihood that whatever you are thinking that the prospect needs is wrong.
  6. Keep a pen and paper close by – in case your office is a paperless one, have a notepad application running, instead. Write down all the key details said, in order to remove the need for repeats.
  7. Review all the details – you need to check that all the data you collected is right, and that you understood what exactly the prospects’ issues are.
  8. Ask for a repeat – during those moments that you fail to get the details at first, it does not hurt to politely ask your B2B prospects to repeat their point. Just make sure you do not do that all the time, since that would make you look incompetent.
  9. Do not stereotype – this is the one common error of marketers. When they stereotype, they end up closing their minds during the conversation. This, in turn, affects their ability to comprehend what the talk was all about.

See? These are not that hard to follow, and are guaranteed to help make your lead generation campaign more effective.