Poor Conversions? Better Use Progressive Profiling

Poor Conversions Better Use Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling is one strategy B2B marketers can use for a more effective lead capturing. Hardly anyone can fall flat from using this lead generation strategy for acquiring crucial intelligence on certain prospects. A HubSpot blog post by Lisa Toner shows that progressive profiling can improve a potential client’s conversion rate by up to 120%.

But how is that even possible?

Simple: progressive profiling uses a lot less form fields. On-site lead capturing devices usually contain up to 11 fields, but that’s asking too much. While it’s always tempting to acquire as much data about your leads as possible, marketing studies reveal that visitors are less likely to supply information to fill forms that are too long.

Furthermore, progressive profiling allows for more effective personalization in that it enables you to constantly develop relatable questions that can attract additional client information. Updating your form fields provides users a different experience each time they encounter your site.

Ultimately, you are able to build a full profile of each contact that enters your landing page and thus improves your lead generation and lead nurturing activities.

To develop your progressive profiling further, a few things warrant attention:

A/B test your visual presentation

Before you implement your profiling strategy, test the effectiveness of your fill forms first. Ask yourself: Does the color scheme of my landing page and fill form have anything to do with conversions? Does the overall design of my landing page affect audience retention? Have a focus group determine the best options that you can implement to adjust your forms for optimum data capture.

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Distribute your forms throughout your site

“Have you ever gone to the store and ended up buying things you never intended on buying? That’s called ‘Impulse Buying’. Stores take advantage of this by strategically lining the checkout lanes with goodies to buy,” so says this informative blog post on My Site Auditor. Understandably, placing your forms in every navigable page increases engagement opportunities since they are present where visitors can see them.

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Make every question count

To put it simply, never try to overcomplicate things. Keep your questions short, simple relevant and timely. Visitors respond well to questions that are direct and personal. Besides, not all B2B managers are serious, uninspiring people in business suits. We know some of them have a side that yearns for a less robotic interaction.

Are you using progressive profiling in your lead generation campaign? What are your ways to drive quality leads? Share them in the comment box below.