Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies: Facts and Fictions

Outsourcing to B2B Lead Generation Companies Facts and Fictions

Businesses are either too reluctant or too excited to hire an outsourced B2B lead generation services company to perform their telemarketing operations. Either way, they are caught between industry myths that don’t really tell a lot about call centers, and their need for cost-saving and effective alternatives to doing the task in-house.

To know how to come within reach of acquiring help from outsourced telemarketing firms, it helps to distinguish what they are from what they are not:

  • Call centers are about results, not statistics. Metrics are standard measures for success, but what really gives outsourcing its value is its effect on customer relationships, getting qualified and targeted leads, and opening up better business opportunities.
  • Training evolution is a must. The advantage with letting experts do the talking is that they are more aware of what’s going on; they have unbiased perspectives of the economic landscape and industry trends, so they are more competent in addressing issues that could be raised by prospects. This is all because training in call centers have evolved into a more person-centered approach of telemarketing.
  • Customer service is also a sales opportunity. Whenever an agent interacts with a prospect, there is always an opportunity make a sale – if not immediately, perhaps down the road.

Evaluating the possibility of outsourcing

The decision to outsource most often comes down to a cost versus management issue. Building a department from scratch is definitely more costly, but at least they could maintain control of the operations. On the other hand, third-party vendors are cheaper, but they will practically take over most of the decision-making and execution.

If you want to weigh the options, try collecting customer feedback and researching multiple vendors within the industry. A business could tell a lot about a vendor based on its reputation amongst those who have previously used its services. Once you hear something you don’t particularly like about how a vendor operates, move on to the next.

Other vendors also offer a “trial period” just for you to get your feet wet before you commit to any long-term contracts.

The best way to evaluate vendors is to get recommendations from fellow business owners. When associates or “business friends” vouch for a company, they would usually see to it to refer a good one. Remember, outsourcing is like entrusting a part of you to another person, so make sure that “other” entity is worth the trust.