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Operational Intelligence is a data analytics philosophy that focuses on implementing quick business decisions and taking action based on real-time data. This method employs automated data gathering techniques including artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as data warehousing techniques that prioritize fast and efficient scrubbing along with data preparation.

Operational intelligence applications are usually designed with front-line workers who must take faster actions based on everyday events. The goal is for these business intelligence tools to make their work easier by providing actionable intelligence in real-time.

In this post, we are going to tackle the different lead generation strategies that prove the most effective for Operational Intelligence software as well as how AI plays an integral role in it.

Build a Reliable Data Foundation

A common issue for many businesses arises from complications caused by the need to combine data from various sources. Some outdated software systems simply can’t cope with the amount and diversity of disparate data. Outdated tools are inefficient, less effective, and more time-consuming, and compound the opportunity for errors because they do not have the corresponding operational capacity.

Outdated data platforms and analytics technologies include those systems that limit your company with a legacy burden. Big data brings an opportunity to have a full-scale view of your business. However, to get big data distilled into something useful, you need to learn how to combine and efficiently analyze various types of data. Information from disparate sources isn’t easily linkable, it’s prone to dirty data and often results in unstructured or semi-structured data.

When researching vendors or partners to assist in establishing a reliable data foundation, there are several best practices to follow:

  • Evaluate a partner’s ability to ingest and process disparate data types, particularly those you’ll be using, to ensure you’re in good hands. 
  • Include both the business users as scales and marketing alongside IT departments in the evaluation process to make sure the platform serves everyone’s needs. 
  • Obtain upfront pricing and an actual development outline associated with any customizations you may require. 

Data Quality

Data quality is fundamental – don’t expect superior sales with inferior data. B2B leads are at the heart of a successful marketing strategy and data degradation is a huge challenge for any marketer. It’s crucial to make sure your data is accurate and verified on an ongoing basis.

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Lead Validation

Lead validation is an essential step in the lead generation process. Like lead scoring, lead validation audits all potential leads coming in through form fills and phone calls and isolates them by sales leads and non-sales leads.

Prospective customers are bound to convert into clients and ordinarily submit real data or requests through forms or calls. Then again, non-prospective customers will in general send spam, sales, and other unimportant material.

To eliminate time spent sorting such data, a few advertisers utilize AI as a part of their lead validation team. AI programs can rapidly analyze submitted information, similar to names and telephone numbers, and compare it with publicly accessible sources or internal datasets. In light of the discoveries, leads are then arranged into one of the two classes.

Conversational Chatbots

Conversational chatbots likewise learn from each new interaction to improve their performance persistently. Chatbots can answer different client inquiries all at once without getting exhausted. Smart chatbots utilize NLP to address questions logically by driving prospects to FAQs or interfacing them to human agents whenever required.

Numerous organizations use chatbots for lead prospecting. By posing a bunch of pre-programmed questions, a chatbot can decide if a prospect is interested in your product or not before passing them on to a sales agent. Chatbots can begin pro-active conversations with customers to control them around your site or propose things for upselling depending on their browsing history.

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Automated Email Campaigns

AI-enabled frameworks can be utilized to set up automated email campaigns driven by customer information and behavior. Such innovation utilizes order history, user interest, and browsing behaviors to make and send automated emails in the event of pre-decided trigger occasions –, for example, a client signing up for a membership, unsubscribing from your newsletter, or cart abandonment.

Automated email campaigns are likewise known to have a higher open rate because of optimized titles and content, and accurate mailing times when clients are bound to check their mails

Improve Sales Pipeline Quality

Artificial intelligence can likewise assist you with improving the overall quality of your pipeline. Because of its predictive power, it can tell your advertising and sales pro which actions work best and shed light on the best strategies for selling more.

This results in a more proficient and powerful sales and marketing pipeline, which means increased income and decreased expenses for your company.

Personalized Experiences

Studies have demonstrated that sites and businesses which offer their customers customized and charming experiences will in general have more loyal clients. Keeping customers faithful to your brand goes hand in hand with the experience that they get when they interact with you. Artificial intelligence tools like chatbots and machine learning prediction algorithms furnish clients with an exclusively customized UI. These prediction algorithms otherwise called recommendation algorithms give recommendations to potential leads dependent on browsing patterns much the same as Netflix prescribes what to watch dependent on your viewing history.

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