Quiz: Which Music Genre Matches Your Selling Style?

Which Music Genre Matches Your Selling Style

If you could put together the perfect soundtrack to your sales career, what would it sound like? Rock? Reggae? A bit Jazzy? Or perhaps Classical? We all know that personality shapes musical tastes. So it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to think that your playlists reflect your selling style, too. This short quiz lets you discover the right music genres for your particular sales personality.

Selling styles generally fall into four main types, each with its own set of representative personality traits:

  1. Hunter (driven)
  2. Farmer (expressive)
  3. Shopkeeper (amiable)
  4. Repairman (analytical)

While musical tastes come down to individual preferences, research continues to show some pretty striking links between music genres and personality types. Find out how well your favorite tracks align with your sales personality.

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