Multi-channel Marketing Ideas You Need to Try to Generate More Leads this 2020

Multi-channel Marketing Ideas You Need to Try to Generate More Leads this 2020

Greek philosopher, Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only constant in life.

If you operate in the world of B2B marketing you’re no stranger to multi-channel marketing and the challenges that comes with it. You find a good strategy, implement it, and it works splendidly for a while until another trend arises and you have to adapt once again. 

We constantly have to be ready to embrace the changes coming towards us especially in the area of our businesses and more specifically, in lead generation

So, for today, we want to discuss some creative ways that you can spice up your multi-channel lead generation tactics across the following marketing channels:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is right up there in the same tier as phone calling as they are the grandparents of digital marketing. Nowadays, just simply sending an email doesn’t cut it anymore, and oftentimes, your emails go ignored and unread. If you want to keep your lead scale rising using this medium, you have to keep coming up with new ways to improve it.

Here are two things that you can incorporate into your email marketing strategy.

AMP it up

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source program from Google that is aimed to make a “better, faster mobile internet.” Basically, it’s comparable in the way where users coming from search pages that are shown as web pages in no time. The reason for this happening is due to a large portion of the page’s original content can be stripped away so it can be optimized for mobile phones. 

AMP for Gmail example

Now, what does this mean for email and how can it be used in that context? The part that stands out here is the fact your emails will look much more interesting because of AMP’s interactive email functionality, Now, your marketing designers will have the chance to dip their fingers into creative ways to draw your prospects into an immersive email experience. 

So, instead of merely sending them a link to your website, you can directly give them an in-email shopping experience which will allow the smooth transition from browsing to shopping. 

Personalized Video Emails

There’s no denying that the fastest, most effective way to communicate in this time and age is through video. Other businesses have already started doing this since the late 90s and understand how tricky it can get, but if strategically put together well, it can become a very powerful tool. 

Reaching out to your clients/prospects through video will come across more personal and leave a positive effect on them. Just be mindful of the length of your video. If your video is too long, it will put them off because they most likely don’t have the time to spare to sit there and watch. Keep your videos short and sweet, but direct to the point, and between one to two minutes maximum. 

Another thing to take into consideration is, of course, the quality of your video. Use good video recording equipment to achieve great results. Invest in a good DSLR camera, studio lights, microphone, and look for a good background to shoot in front of.

For a bigger impact, think about sharing your video across video streaming sites like Youtube and Vimeo as well for it to gain more visibility and increase the chances of it getting shared by others as well. 

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Your sales process can definitely go beyond the traditional selling-on-your-website and social media marketplace groups. You can even use your chat as an asset to market and sell your products/services as many other companies have already been practicing this for years. Maybe you already have too but are looking for ways to take it a step further. 


Chatbots are a great addition to your marketing strategy. The one we highly recommend is HubSpot’s chatbots. You can personalize your chatbots and customize its features to suit your market accordingly. Chatbots are both time and money-efficient and consumers highly appreciate fast and smooth transactions. 

Screenshot of HubSpot's Chat Flow Configuration

Improve Lead Qualification

The next thing to take into consideration to improve is your lead qualifying questions. This is to make identifying qualified leads easier for you and answering questions by your prospects much easier. Filter through your existing questions and see which ones you can omit and think of more direct questions that you can replace instead. Don’t bombard your prospects with a thousand questions. Keep it at two to five questions at most. That should be enough to determine whether or not the prospect can turn into a qualified sales-ready lead. 

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Social Media

Social media never stays the same for long. Just within one year, it can change so drastically that you would have to constantly rethink what can be considered a success for social media marketing will evolve into next. It never gets easier, only more challenging. The question now is how you can make social media marketing more interesting with the changing times?

Advanced, Dynamic, Interactive

The concept of social media shopping has been widely embraced by consumers all around the world. It’s become convenient that you are now able to shop around let’s say, Facebook, without having to exit out of the app and open up another browser. 

With each passing year, social ads have advanced and marketers have made it their playfield trying out different ways to improve and make the shopping experience more fun and efficient. 

Try personalizing your ads in a way that you can dynamically deliver your products to your customers by changing up the formats like a carousel or collection type of visual set-up. Don’t stop there. Customize your CTA buttons according to who your ad is being served to. This type of ad is quite popular on Facebook. 

However, Instagram doesn’t fall behind. This platform is tremendously growing in the aspect of direct social selling. If you run a business ready Instagram account you will be able to attach direct links to your products when you post a picture. Your audience will know a link to a product is attached by an icon of a shopping cart attached to the upper right corner of the picture. 

LinkedIn is no stranger to this as well. Recently, they have also jumped on to this trend to help B2B brands get their products to the foreground.

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As you can see, there is no one-glove-fits-all because of how drastic and fast B2B marketing keeps changing, but by keeping up and constantly updating your multi-channel lead gen strategies and even coming up with new ones on your own, you’ll stay on the right track.

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