Mid Year Report 2013: Current Trends in B2B Lead Generation


The numbers are in.

The B2B Marketing Technology Community on LinkedIn conducted this year’s lead generation survey to better understand how new challenges are affecting today’s B2B marketers. It’s an annual event awaited by the entire LinkedIn circle that boasts the most comprehensive analysis of B2B behavior.

It s purpose is also to identify new trends and best practices so the word can be spread throughout the community. They have surveyed more than 800 respondents and here, the highlights of the survey results were picked out for further emphasis.

Here’s what they’ve found out:

  • The number one challenge for B2B marketers: Generating high-quality leads. Some would expect to hear that the biggest challenge would be gaining the public attention, or cold-calling constraints, or even the basics such as penetrating a strict business industry. But no, companies apparently have no trouble generating leads as much as they want to – but the question is, do those leads meet the quality standards they require?
  • The most effective lead generation strategies are: Email and SEO. This one is not so much of a surprise. Although social media is devouring most of public attention especially this year, the traditional Search Engine Optimization and the ever faithful Email are still the backbone of lead generation success. Who says old school is out?
  • The greatest barrier to lead generation success: Lack of resources. Considering that the respondents are mostly from the mid-sized business industries, the lack of resources would always come up as the ultimate obstacle. Being understaffed and under-budgeted can definitely alter the way a business would attack its market, not to mention time constraints and building pressure for the third and fourth quarters of 2013.
  • The most outsourced marketing operation: Web graphic design. The online competition has never been tight – the attractiveness of a company’s website can now be tantamount to its credibility and online fragrance. Companies now invest in making sure their website is up to current standards, hiring experts in aesthetic appeal and likeability.
  • The most allocated marketing operation: Events. Despite the action in cyberspace, the bulk of the marketing budget still goes to outside-the-office events because of obvious reasons. Mid-sized to large companies host an average of 2-3 events a year, and a lot of spending goes into making sure they generate enough buzz and lure potential prospects. This strategy wouldn’t have continued up to this day if it didn’t show positive ROI.

Reference: B2b Lead Generation Report 2013