Manage Your Outsourced Lead Generation Team Better In 10 Ways

For those of you still in the denial stage, or constantly out against perceived threats to your business, outsourcing will always be here to stay. While you may have valid reasons why you would want to keep your B2B lead generation operations in-house, there are also the same (if not more) reasons for you to let others find, nurture, and convert B2B leads into profitable sales.

It is all about proper management of your outsourced marketing team. You need to know how to properly manage them, lest you end up not doing your job at all. You can employ these following tips for your trade:

    1. Communicate constantly – obviously, your B2B appointment setting team would be located in a different location, so you have to make sure that you are constantly connected with the to be updated with the latest news.
    1. Read between the lines – even if you get daily reports, you have to analyze the content well so that you can understand what exactly is going on in your business, and if there is any problem that you ought to know.
    1. What does ‘yes’ really mean – this can be tricky when dealing with foreign sales leads agencies, since their meaning of ‘yes’ may be different from the one you have in mind.
    1. Learn motivation skills – let us face it, appointment setting campaigns are not exactly rosy jobs and the stress level can be very high. Use motivational skills to push your team further.
    1. Join in special occasions – it could be a wedding or a birthday, but showing your support in these events is a sign that you care for them. It is also a good way to build a better relationship with them.
    1. Leave gifts – it does not have to be that big or expensive, even little tokens of appreciation can be an excellent show of appreciation for their efforts. It can even be a perk that works well with them.
    1. Understand the business hierarchy – different cultures have different understandings of hierarchy. In some places, focus is placed on skills, while others put more value to seniority.
    1. Realize the value of time – this is also an important consideration. You can see this in telemarketing campaigns, where the amount of B2B leads that you generate can be influenced by the time you call your prospects.
    1. Your branding power – yes, you may be an international brand, but the locality you wish to enter does not know you yet. Promote your business briskly in order to attract more service providers.
  1. Plan ahead – there is no such thing as a perfect plan. In the event something goes wrong, you have to have another plan in place. One cannot be too careful in the kinds of businesses he wishes to do.

You see, outsourced B2B lead generation services is not that bad. As a business investment, you just have to work with the right firms. That is the secret to your success.