Use Telemarketing as an Effective Strategy for Lead Nurturing

The Callbox Way 3 Stages of Lead Nurturing Process

“A plant, a grass, or even a tree needs soil, water, sunshine and a few trims here and there for them to grow, bear fruits and blossoming flowers. Just like plants and trees, a lead needs nurturing until it reaches its full maturity of success.”

Here’s the 3-stage process of how Callbox nurture a Lead:

Profiling the Campaign List

At the kick start of your campaign, the agent profiles the list with the necessary information:

Name of contact

Designation and job function

Phone numbers


Company name

Business address

Make sure you create good quality of business list before the campaign starts.

Completeness of data is important because this will serve as your reference in customizing a business proposal to your target decision maker. (Additional information: Social Media accounts like FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Annual Sales and Employee size)

Have regular data cleanup to check your database for errors and ensure that you have accurate information to drive your marketing campaign. Check out our customer profiling services!

Building Positive Contacts

Each call is deemed to become a successful lead. Getting passed the gatekeeper and being able to speak with the decision maker, regardless of whatever transpires in the conversation, is a positive call. Each call attempt sets the primary goal to pitch – to get them interested about your product/services and get them to agree for an appointment. Building positive contacts takes occurs through the whole period of the campaign.

Each day of calling will require the agent to be able to positively profile the list. See the scenarios below and how the agents nurture them to grow:

Scenario 1: For Follow Up 

In this scenario, the agent has spoken to the decision maker, but for some reasons, the target prospect declined a call or visit from our consultant. The agent sets another date and time to call the prospect back and sends the initial information.

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Scenario 2: Requested for More Information

A high percentage of decision makers ask for reference materials before they would agree for a consultant’s touch base. These are prospects that are unsure of whether they exactly understood how your products and services would work for their business, or just simply want to see a comparison between their current set up and what you have to offer to them.

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Scenario 3: Not Interested

Quite an irony it seems but yes, those prospects who said they are not interested, are considered to be positive contacts. The agent holds the chance that a need and interest will arise from To bag all the chances of converting as much as positive contacts into leads, the agent will counter the above mentioned scenarios with Follow Up calls after 24 – 48 hours, or at the prospects preferred timing, with exception to Not Interested for which callbacks are made after quite a period of time.

Don’t give up yet, might as well review and analyze what could have gone wrong.

Alongside these actions, the lead nurturing tool is active and works on the background to send ff up emails and alarms the agent for follow up calls. This lead nurturing tool will change the way you see marketing automation as it applies more humanly behavior when schemas are set well.

Setting the Appointment/Generating the Lead

Harvest time! The lead has grown to its full potential now. All important information was verified and the lead qualification has met all the campaign criteria. The prospect is interested to know more about your product/service that could be beneficial for their process improvement, and has agreed to a phone or office meeting with you. Moreover, at some point, pricing packages and purchase timeframe advances the discussion.

Nurturing a Lead is a continuous process – daily profiling and building of positive contacts will definitely bring endless possibilities of productivity results.

Have you watered the plants already?

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