Lead Generation Tip: Don’t Count on Numbers

Lead Generation Tip Don't Count on Numbers

As the US Presidential elections draw near, we see lots of poll numbers on who’s leading who and who’s gaining ground. In the end however, it’s the final vote that matters and despite the polls nobody knows exactly who’s going to win come November 6. In B2B lead generation and appointment setting, statistics do matter, but how much attention should marketers put into them?

Take for example companies engaged in online and social media marketing. Online marketers have a tendency to use raw statistics such as Facebook “Likes”, website visits, clicks, and page views as basis for the effectiveness of their sales lead generation campaigns. What I have noticed however with most online and social media campaigns is that, those numbers rarely translate to business appointments or sales, and therefore, mean nothing. Additionally, petty figures like these can cause distraction in a campaign.

My advice to B2B marketers using social media and online tools to generate sales leads: Do not use absurd metrics such as “likes”, clicks, and page views to measure your results. The only reliable indicator of success in lead generation is if you are actually generating sales qualified leads based on certain lead qualification standards set by your team. And this is true also for telemarketing and email marketing campaigns.

Forget numbers. Not everyone who “liked” your Facebook page, visited your blog, or clicked your banner is a qualified business lead. Focus on behaviors and actual interactions. After all, what people do when they visit your site or click your ad is what truly matters in the sales process.