Lead Generation Tactics to Get your Money’s Worth

Lead Generation Tactics to Get your Money’s Worth

Do you plan to maximize your ROI?

Well, you’re not the only company in the B2B industry that’s vouching for that. Apparently, businesses make a great deal out of their marketing investments especially B2B lead generation.

Facing a very volatile market and equally unpredictable competition, these businesses go considerable lengths just to find a cost-efficient formula. Ironically, they often end up spending more than they expect.

This is true with companies whose lead generation targets technical industries like manufacturing and IT. Finding a lead management strategy that sits well with one’s industry projections continues to be a challenge. In many cases, these projections are not drafted under the SMART framework for sound management. And it would prove disastrous for both your lead nurturing and generation efforts if your processes aren’t facilitated well enough.

For such complications, strategies that seek to direct B2B leads to your sales pipeline should be optimized. Here are some cost-efficient techniques to get you started:

Social listening

B2B marketers face one pressing problem: generating high profile B2B leads. Obviously, this issue could be remedied by investigating its roots. Market research has always been an important tool in lead prospecting. Businesses nowadays practice online social listening to know what their market is talking about. Gaining pertinent data on consumer behaviors and common issues determine your ideal prospects.

Automated marketing

The prevailing trend in the B2B landscape is marketing automation. Businesses seek software packages that could facilitate multi-channel processes with less hassle. It’s cost efficient in the manner that it requires less manpower to maintain. Also, it provides a wide range of campaign tracking tools that calculate your ROI and effectively manage your processes.

Online content

Today, business expansion would only take a small amount of time. Fashioning an online presence wouldn’t even take you days. Web development now plays a vital role in the promotion of innovative products the online community is willing to share and blog about. Give the community articles, videos and images that could easily be absorbed by potential B2B leads. This expands your market reach as well as feed your lead nurturing pipeline.

Direct mail

In a slideshow featured in B2B Technology Marketing Community, close to 50 percent of marketers do not use direct mail. Clearly, they’re missing out on an increase in conversion rates. E-mail, after all, is still a relevant marketing medium, given that most cold prospects prefer to engage via mail. It works well for both lead management and appointment setting. And if your company aims for high sales closes, then direct mail is the way to go.

These strategies, though not really perfect in form, can help realize campaign goals without the need of additional costs. But if you can’t get around certain issues like lead management, an outsourcing firm can do the job for you.


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