Lead Generation Stats to Keep an Eye On in 2021


With the marketing industry’s ever-evolving nature, it is no wonder that successfully building brand awareness and achieving high rates of customer retention in B2B has reached a high level of sophistication. Business owners and marketing professionals are now required to implement complex, multifaceted strategies while considering rapid technological developments, big data analytics, as well as consumer behavior shifts into consideration.

As marketers, we need to keep our eyes on the sky and ears to the ground. Only then can we stay adaptive and competitive in the incredibly dynamic world of B2B marketing.

Well, as a lead generation services provider, we’ve been paying close attention to the latest lead generation statistics. And in today’s article, we’d like to share the different lead generation stats that you need to keep an eye on this year.

Generating traffic

Working with lead generation is not at all easy. One of the most challenging obstacles for marketers is marketing strategies and sales opportunities when working with lead generation. The rest, 39% of the population, has quality leads and has made their place. To be successful in these business leads, one has to look for a community that supports them.

Marketers say that one of the most challenging jobs in the marketing business is to pull the crowd or the lead generation towards them. Well, there might be many tables of contents; however, your marketing statistics can go up by a few changes.

Content marketing does not look for just content. Specific lead generation strategies like creating irresistible headings, creative content, prioritizing advertisements, getting social with others, promoting your page on social media platforms will make sure to generate leads, and your marketing efforts will blossom flowers!

Spending half of the budget on lead generation 

The marketers mostly give their attention to lead generation, which is very vital for marketing statistics. However, 53% of marketers spend half or most of their marketing efforts budget on lead generation statistics. The rest, 34%, spends significantly less as compared to the significant population on lead generation.

B2B marketers say that spending on lead generation can do wonders for your marketing business. Before you plan on investing in lead generation, you have to determine the lead generation’s capacity. You can easily do it by understanding how much traffic your website is attracting. The site visitors will be one of the main b2b lead generation strategies.

It would help if you generated b2b leads on a channel-to-channel basis, and that way, you can use content marketing. Make sure that your customers are converting or are likely to convert. If that is not the case, even pulling significant traffic won’t help you, which won’t create an effective lead generation.

Video marketing helps in purchasing decisions

A visual representation of a product helps the customers to understand the working and the characteristics. This makes them ready to buy and also increases your lead generation statistics. Remember, the key to a successful b2b business is satisfying the customers and giving them what they want. Take a look at these small ideas regarding video marketing that can help you better.

Not everyone has the power of imagination to visualize a product or a scene. Video marketing is similar as it gives the customers a vision of what they are buying and how it will look. Video content marketing generates more engagement and also pulls most of the traffic. Social media and other platforms like Youtube are some of the best ways to generate leads.

Videos can quickly get on your mind, entertain you, and even it is easier to process. Moreover, anyone with an internet connection can watch it. It does not even require much of your time, as one can easily create a video within an hour.

Using video on your landing page to reach higher conversion

Are you looking for vast lead conversion? If yes, then the trick lies in the video engagement! Nurturing lead generation is very easy when it comes to creating videos. It is for the best, and you can quickly get your B2B leads by marketing your products this way.

If you are thinking of boosting your engagement, then a straightforward lead generation strategy is by creating videos, and the best part is that it’s not as difficult or intimidating as it may seem. You can quickly get your customer’s attention and traffic by creating and uploading a video that will captivate and mesmerize them. You can be the number one B2B business and grow your empire.

B2B marketers say that most marketers use real influencers and personalities to increase engagement with their products. You can even take the help of social media by generating the lead.

Intriguing Headlines 

Traffic and lead generation go hand in hand! If you want to increase your lead generation strategy, then develop an eye-catching heading that will attract more traffic. Well, this is the time when you can show your creativity on your SEOs, and take away the whole crowd at once.

Well, there are specific tools online that can help you in generating your headline. Make sure that you can stand out among the other b2b businesses. Include a menu and even contents to make your article more eye-catching.

Make sure to use captivating words that are easy yet fascinating to the readers. Always use keywords and other images and graphics to make your article more attractive. In case you are still wondering how to do it, here are some tricks that can quickly help you write the best heading.


Marketing is not easy, nor is it tough. It entirely depends on how well you understand your traffic and the demand generation. Once you get the critical point, your content marketing can flourish, and you will get the leads quickly. Just like you have subscribed rates, a single mistake can increase your unsubscribe rates.

Plan the whole thing with average cost and then move forward. Once you start getting leads, you can make a difference in your products’ average price. In a nutshell, use every available tool to increase your marketing businesses and leads.

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