6 Lead Generation Quick Wins that Guarantee Your Q4 Success

6 Lead Generation Quick Wins that Guarantee Your Q4 Success

The holiday season is officially in full swing. It’s Q4, prospects are busy – it’s the time of shopping rush hours, shorter mall hours, crowded areas, traffic, and upcoming holiday vacations. Everyone seems to want to end the year with a bang and start the new one on a good note.

The last three months of the year 2022 keep potential B2B leads preoccupied. It’s the perfect time for companies to keep things fresh for 2023 and catch up on aspects that lagged behind. Companies this time of the year are busy getting ready for the fun Holiday parties and most likely re-evaluating goals for the upcoming year, updating and creating new ads to keep content innovative and new, reviewing their campaign and monthly media spend budgets to see if there should be adjustments to be made and assess lead cycles to better understand client needs. 

Additionally, companies and businesses also take this time of the year to focus on remarketing. It could be a good time to set the attention on prospects who visited their website but never transitioned to buyers. In order to start 2023 on good footing, Q4 is the best time for companies to meet with their marketing team or partners to reevaluate their goals for the new year, wrap things up, and make sure every aspect of the company’s campaign is smoothly transitioned into the year ahead.

How businesses can make the most out of this busy season is quite a big question, especially if everyone is working at something. In order for them to survive, hopefully unscathed, knowing what lead generation quick wins they can apply are important to keep the business afloat.

What is lead generation, anyway?

Anyone who shows interest in your company’s or business’ products and services is a lead. Although they may not be qualified as buyers, they are already considered potential customers who may want to do business with you in the future. A lead is a part of the cycle that the consumers adhere to when they shift from visitor to customer.

Usually, leads get info from an organization or a business after submitting personal data for a subscription, trial, or an offer- hence, an opening communication. This is way different from receiving an interruptive call from someone who bought their contact details.

Attracting these prospects to your business and catching and nurturing their interests until they decide to buy your products or services is called lead generation. Some of the ways leads can be generated are through blog posts, referrals, live events, giving discounts and coupons, and high-value online content.

For B2B companies, B2B lead generation is an important business process in relation to their sustainable growth. Simply put, businesses are generating leads to gain more customers who consequently generate revenue for their company.

Lead lifecycle

In the diagram above, lead generation solutions are shown as an important point in an individual’s journey to becoming a satisfied customer.

Lead Generation Quick Wins 

Business owners are continuously looking for ways to expand their business and customers, especially in Q4. Quite challenging, but there are quick wins that may help businesses take good advantage of the last full blow of the year. Quick wins are the factors that generate the highest impact with the lowest requirement of resources. The quick wins one deploys are aligned with a company or business’ inbound marketing goals.

Here are 6 Lead Generation quick wins which can help businesses achieve success for Q4:

1. Earn the customers ’trust with social proof.  

Most B2B lead generation’s powerful part is the so-called social proof.

Some buyers are firm believers in the saying, “see is to believe”. This is a big challenge for businesses to become visible on the world wide web, given that there are countless businesses spurting out of nowhere during this holiday season.

Others may doubt the claims about products and services, so they will initially look for some proof before making that decision to buy. The trust and potential customer you gain depends on the amount of social proof you post on your website. To enhance your visibility and help generate more leads, a well-updated site with good-quality posts can encourage a good flow of audience to your site. Not only do they enjoy browsing the site, but they also get ideas of what products or services to use in the comfort of their mobile phone or laptop.

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2. Use Q&As to help generate more B2B leads.

FAQs are very helpful not only for customers who are asking about your products and services but also serve as a forum for buyers to give reviews and generate discussions among old customers and potential buyers.  The use of Quora is one example of a very useful B2B lead generation platform.

An interactive website gives off a friendly and conversational vibe among customers and spectators on your site. Other customers posting product reviews, recommendations, or case studies may spark interest and help customers choose which products to buy or are the best fit for their budget or needs. Stories and recommendations about a company or business’ products and services spread out easily because of trusting and curious viewers that casually or regularly visit the site.

3. Try out alternative social media platforms.  

Social media houses a lot of potential customers, may they be near or far, young or old. A social media lead is any info that someone shares and can be followed- up. This includes the person’s name, employer, job, email address, age, date of birth, or any other data a social media user imparts. Social media lead generation refers to any activity done on the social media platform to gather new leads.

This Q4, which is especially a hectic season, more people choose to stay online to operate their usual stuff like shopping to avoid crowded malls and traffic. This is because going to the malls to shop and doing transactions like payments, bookings, and even consulting a doctor online is a more convenient and practical option- it helps one save time, money, effort, and gas. And besides, one does not need to be absent at a party or gathering to do errands or transactions; or to get stuck in traffic amidst congested roads. It can all be done using a mobile phone since most apps are gadget-friendly.

This is the aptest time for businesses to amp up their social media content and enhance sharing strategies to reach a wider audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn provide a lot of leads not only because of content but also because of users who share and refer to the products and services they enjoy. Referrals, recommendations, and suggestions are very efficient lead-generation methods that help a business save time and effort while maximizing sales. This chart by Datareportal shows the ranking of the social media platforms by global active users.

A graphical ranking overview of the world's most used social media platforms.

Social media has transformed marketing. As of July 2022, 59% of the world’s population utilizes social media, with an average daily usage of 2 hours and 29 minutes. Facebook remains to be the most used platform. For marketers, it is important to keep track of the trends of usage among consumers so they may identify which platforms would generate many leads.

TikTok, which ranked sixth as the most used platform as of July this year, underwent rapid growth in 2021 which resulted in a 142% increase YOY (Year over Year).

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4. Repurpose old content.

One of the biggest hurdles for businesses is finding and having the time and resources to create new content. For this reason, repurposing old content into new and updated versions helps save time and energy. Giving new fire to old content can create new possibilities for a business. All it takes is creativity.

For example, blogs can be turned into eBooks and vice versa. Short-form content like list-type of how-to articles can be divided into subtopics and published on the website on a weekly basis. Constant content updating helps engage viewers by giving them some informative or entertaining light reads.

Besides, having loads of blog content that leads can access through PDF format is an effective way of engaging and converting leads into customers.

5. Install chatbots on your high-value pages.

Website visitors have grown tired of filling out long forms on the Internet. Forms were easy conversions way back, but due to technological advances, people now prefer convenient tools like messaging apps and voice searches, and chatbots to cater to their questions.

According to Ometrics, chatbots are more effective than emails in conversion. Traditionally, web visitors use the search bar or scroll through the page to find the products they are looking for. Chatbots eliminate these steps and give instant answers to inquiries. Another reason why chatbots improve conversion rates is that they are personal, friendly, and welcoming. More people would rather interact with a chatbot instead of interacting through calls or emails.

Given that leads are especially busy and have limited time browsing websites, especially during the holiday seasons, instant messaging with the help of chatbots help answer queries in real-time. According to startupbonsai.com, chatbots are the fastest-growing brand communication channel. The chart below shows the growth of the chatbot industry and its adoption in various market sectors across the globe:

Graphical comparison of the usage of chatbots as a brand communication from the year 2019 to 2020.

According to Drift, chat bots were made to help online buying experience less painful to consumers. In its 2020 State of Conversational Marketing report, usage of chat bots as a brand communication channel increased by a whopping 92% since 2019. 24.9% of buyers used chatbots to communicate with businesses in 2020, up from 13% the year before.

6. Blog for Your Business

Today’s digital marketplace is brimming with countless businesses, and standing out from the crazy crowd isn’t easy. However, blogging has become an efficient way to improve online visibility and establish relationships with the target audience.

According to Lyfe Marketing, blogging helps consumers find value especially when they read business blogs. Helpful and interesting blog content can help start conversations, therefore driving more traffic to one’s website and eventually building trust within the target market. People will most likely find the product or service authentic when they read stories, customer reviews, case studies, and recommendations about the products they bought or are about to buy.

Learn the tips for finding guest blogging opportunities.

One kind of blog that helps in marketing is guest posting. A guest post is a kind of blog article written by one person and published in another’s blog. Guest posting helps fill up the blog articles from different points of view. This enables visitors to read up on different topics and add variety to the blog site. Since most blogs have a feature that allows readers to share blog posts on social media, companies are able to use influencer marketing and further increase their sales.

In a survey conducted by Aira on March 16, 2022 to May 2, 2022, 42% of digital marketers used guest posting. The respondents were 270 individuals who described themselves as in-house marketers.

Graph overview of a survey, of digital marketers who used guest posting, conducted by Aira.

Guest posting or blogging allows a company to increase brand awareness and credibility, build relationships with peers in the same industry, attract traffic to the website, and boost domain authority through external links to high-authority domains.

Q4 is a challenging season, especially in generating leads for a company or business. It takes some risks and some trial and error approach- it’s all about trying different approaches and concentrating on the one that works best for a company. It may be done in multiple ways, but its main goal is to collect leads and eventually turn them into not only customers but loyal and trusting ones.

Thanks to the help of technology, leads are now easier to reach and transactions are easily done through social media, the internet, and the comfort of gadgets such as mobile phones. Today’s prospects are a wealth of information and as a result, they know what they want to buy, who they want to buy it from, and see what they want to pay for before deciding on a purchase.

 Growing and maintaining a business in the digital age is quite tricky because of the emergence of many different businesses in the digital marketplace. Standing out from the crowd takes a whole lot of effort, creativity, and awareness of the most effective way to win leads- not to just attract but to retain their attention and eventually help them decide to make a purchase.

Lead generation and increased possible sales especially in this Q4 may be quite challenging but are actually rewarding when achieved successfully. It’s important, therefore, to identify which of the quick wins mentioned above works for one’s business and use these to catapult one’s business into success in the last quarter of 2022.

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