What Elon Musk Can Teach You About Generating Leads and Closing Deals

What Elon Musk Can Teach You About Generating Leads and Closing Deals

Call him what you will: genius, eccentric, business guru, AI-powered humanoid. Elon Musk is definitely a force of nature. He’s the guy you can turn to when you have a problem you think is unsolvable (or if you needed a space vessel just to visit the far reaches of the solar system).

Sure enough, Musk is someone you think has all the answers you need. The South Africa-born entrepreneur who masterminded PayPal and the SpaceX program is a headline grabber, only because he is hot-wired to provide us with innovations that can either help humankind transcend physical boundaries or cause its destruction.

Either way, Musk has a lot to say about anything that has to do with disruption. Come to think of it, the man is known for it. He is able to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. And being an entrepreneur himself, he’s very much familiar with the issues that continue to hound business owners everywhere.

For one, B2B companies continue to face challenges in their lead generation campaigns. In fact, according to the Rain Group, at least 42.1% of B2B professionals say that they are having a difficult time trying to find the right tactic for generating quality leads. In an article by Entrepreneur, on the other hand, B2B sales teams struggle with understanding their buyers’ needs and initiating authentic conversations that can help close more deals.

One thing’s for sure, Musk has weighed in on these issues (though, indirectly) and provided B2B marketers with an effective guide to generating high-quality B2B leads and getting more sales. So, let’s listen to what Master Musk has to say:

#1 Give ample assurances

Musk is well-known for being experimental with every idea he is able to churn out from his complex noggin. However, not many of these ideas are a hundred percent safe. Still, Musk is able to maintain a certain level of honesty that no salesperson can replicate. He is sincere with the fact that not all his innovations work out for the best, so he provides his customers with fire extinguishers as a free contingency plan.

Companies, likewise, should also provide their customers with ways on how to deal with issues. After all, companies that give assurances to their customers are more likely to get repeat sales.

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#2 Try, try, and try!

Being an innovator and a boy genius doesn’t mean that you’re spared from Murphy’s Law. Musk has had bad experiences with the prototypes of his products. But due to his persistence, he was able to give the world a broad portfolio of products that have changed the world of tech forever.

So, what does this have to do with lead generation? Well, getting high-quality leads is pretty much a trial and error process in itself. You will need to determine the right mix of channels for your campaign, which proves to be a difficult part in coming up with a B2B marketing strategy. However, you can overcome this issue by simply doing ample research and A/B testing. If your call scripts prove to be ineffective, by all means, create another draft and see if you can do it right this time.

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#3 Stand your ground

When it comes right down to engaging a possible buyer, the table is pretty much open for anything and everything. It’s only a matter of keeping your feet firmly on the ground and making sure you end up closing the deal. Of course, this doesn’t involve a flamethrower directed to your prospect’s face. Instead, focus on what you can offer and why it matters to a potential customer.

Musk is known for projects that are too out-of-this-world (literally, if we were to consider the SpaceX program). But seeing how persistent he is in everything that he does, he was able to see his visions being realized. In the same way, you should also show the same amount of enthusiasm that Musk is able to pour in.

That being said, you will need to focus on the value that your offers can provide to your customers. In the case of Tesla, for example, Musk was able to defend his idea of an electric car that’s commercially available to just about anyone. His vision of a sustainable future was all that motivated him to provide the automobile market a more eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

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We’re not like Musk, but we also know how important it is for you to increase sales. Contact us today and see how we can help you with your lead generation needs.

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