Lead Generation Inspiration – Alan Arkin From Argo

Watching Argo is a very amazing experience. It has action, suspense, and adventure at the side. But what struck me the most was one of its actors, Alan Arkin. The reason here was his performance, one that garnered him the Best Supporting Actor nomination. And it was more than four decades after his last nomination for the same role. What does it say to you? What does it mean in terms of lead generation? Understanding this can help us be better in our B2B leads campaign, or perhaps renew ties with our past sales leads. How can we apply his sudden entry into this prestigious award, after so many years out of the limelight.

The lesson we can learn here deals with relevance. It took Alan Arkin decades to get another Oscar nomination. But it is worth the wait, since he does deserve it. His performance made him relevant again in the awards circles. This is something we can learn for our business as well. No matter how long the last successful appointment setting campaign was, as long as we prepare ourselves, look at the trends, study the tastes of our market, craft the right sales pitch, as well as prepare the necessary tools needed for our business, like telemarketing, then we can be noticed by our business prospects. That is the secret to a successful marketing campaign.

It is possible. Time is not really a big hindrance. What we need to do is simply to stay relevant. That will ensure the success of our lead generation efforts.