A Lead Generation Guide for Canadian Businesses

A Lead Generation Guide for Canadian Businesses

Being stereotyped as a country known for its politeness and its neurotic addiction to hockey doesn’t exactly define how Canada is like in the world of business. For all intents and purposes, this North American country which lies at the Arctic threshold thrives to be an important player in several industries – and not only on maple syrup and flannel shirts.

More so, the country has gone on to be an important leader in the world of B2B, alongside the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. As the Business Development Bank of Canada forecasts positive growth of about 2% for 2018 and as “consumer confidence, global trade, and investment growth have finally picked up from the recent lows,” companies will have to re-examine their strategies and come up with more effective ways in generating better lead generation numbers.

This leads us to a discussion on marketing strategies. For a lot of businesses, global integration has made it possible to collaborate with other entities across borders. And as Canada continues to experience a massive boom in its tech and financial industries, there is a need for both large and small enterprises to improve on their marketing and branding efforts and, in turn, obtain a better position in the market.

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Companies should look no further than their current lead generation campaigns as these are critical to growth. Being able to come up with the right approaches will enable these companies to increase the amount of sales opportunities they need to impact their bottom lines. Still, we have to admit that there is a whole range of challenges to hurdle in order to reach specific targets. The most important and obviously the most difficult part would be “finding a strategy, tactic, or offer that gets the attention of potential leads.” This is according The RAIN Group Vice President Erica Stritch, which goes on to suggest that top performing companies were able to overcome these hurdles simply by dancing a different set of steps. In other words, these companies were able to do something different, thereby increasing their profitability.

So what exactly constitutes a unique marketing plan that offers better results in terms of sales?

While there are many schools of thought on this issue, we thought best to give you some of the most effective lead generation tips.


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Know how to handle big data

Know how to handle big data

In order to ensure your sales pipeline doesn’t run out of leads to nurture, you will need to generate a large volume of data from your landing pages. Big data will continue to impact the way businesses in Canada achieve their marketing goals, and it is crucial for these businesses to know how to organize, analyze and measure a great deal of information that’s entering the pipeline. In this case, B2B marketers can always implement an automated marketing system to help them address the issue of data management. After all, automation can help reduce costs by way of a faster and easier process for validating and qualifying leads.

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Go beyond the walls

Go beyond the walls

In terms of audience outreach, attending industry-related events is one strategy you wouldn’t want to leave out of your marketing plan. For sure, events do not only function as avenues where you can share knowledge with other stakeholders; they can also help you build your brand, especially if such an event is an important one.

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Be an influence

Be an influence

Aside from attending events, you can also boost your lead generation by becoming a contributor to reputed sites such as Forbes or The Huffington Post. As long as you have relevant opinions to share, you can always hook up with these platforms to express your opinions on trends and share topics that are close to the hearts of your audiences.

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Integrate with social

Integrate with social

Social media marketing isn’t a new thing anymore. In fact, it has become a staple for businesses that want to be on top of their game. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram greatly improve your lead generation numbers considering the number of people present in social media at any given time – and that also includes business executives. So, when you’re planning on implementing a multi-channel approach to your lead generation, you need to integrate your social media accounts with other platforms. This will give your efforts a much-needed boost in no time.

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