Lead Generation for IT Consulting Services: Where is your Strategy?

Lead Generation for IT Consulting Services- Where is your Strategy

The IT consulting sector has seen a steady rise in the past years. Businesses have noted the importance of expert advice to the creation of robust IT infrastructures.

According to IBIS World, “As the economy recovers, improving business sentiment and corporate profit levels will further drive (the IT consulting industry’s) performance.” As new technologies are introduced each year, corporations have found it necessary to seek competent people to guide them in IT implementation and maintenance.

The industry alone has around 400,000 active IT consulting businesses that cater to a diverse array of industries. Whether you are an independent contractor or a large firm, you will need to put in extra efforts to place your IT consulting services above the competition.

Lead generation, in this case, is vital because it grants you a considerable share of decision-makers seeking consulting services for a variety of IT concerns. But irrespective of its value, undertaking a campaign to acquire specific clients poses a taxing and costly challenge.

Nonetheless, successful IT consultants were able to bypass these difficulties by simply embracing new marketing tactics and approaches that drive high volumes of clients into their IT lead management databases.

So, where is your strategy? Are you using the same approaches the top guns use?

The Best Marketing Strategies for Consulting Services

  • EBooks – Publishing ebooks is a great way to generate leads because it builds your authority as an expert on a specific field. Nowadays, top industry leaders hire consultants based on the amount of literature they published and also the popularity garnered through them. Achieving a following warrants the use of original ebook content that addresses current IT concerns.
  • Blog – Keep your target audience informed and updated through your blog. Consistent online posts are essential toward driving online visibility, but you will need expert copywriting skills to produce content that brings quality leads.
  • Whitepapers – In the same way as ebooks, whitepapers provide your audience the information they need about you, your proficiencies and your capabilities as an IT consultant.
  • Social media – Contrary to some assumptions, social media can be valuable in targeting decision-makers spend more time on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Create informative posts with links to specific content on your website. Also, tweet your thought leadership and strive to increase your followers.
  • PPC – Pay-per-click advertisements may cost much, but they are always an excellent source for high quality IT leads. Considering a PPC campaign? Optimize your landing pages first and employ professional writers to create attention-grabbing copies.

There are many strategies available for IT consulting firms but it all dwells down on creating better profile and earning people’s trust.

What other techniques do you know? Share us on the comment box.

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