Is Outsourcing Lead Generation Really Cost-effective?

Is B2B Outsourcing Really Cost-effective A Quick Guide

Today, business partnerships have taken on easier routes via communication channels. Social media platforms have streamlined lead generation processes and new business possibilities are introduced. This amid increased demand for better sales and marketing operations.

Recently, many decision-makers resort to outsourcing as an answer to increasing competition among industry players. This is because outsourcing one’s lead generation and appointment setting activities is seen as more cost-efficient.

With outsourcing, business executives can save time and effort, allowing them to focus on administrative work. But the question remains: Is outsourcing really cost-effective as many experienced marketers want you to believe?

There’s room for doubt here. Not all marketing strategies guarantee absolute gains after all. Certain factors need to be taken into account before outsourcing one’s business processes.

Consider these following points.

#1: Location

Indeed, giving complex tasks to a service provider in another country entails a lot of risk. For one, managing your processes can be very difficult, considering you are physically detached from the production floor. You will need to rely on accurate and timely reporting from a competent service provider.

#2: Extra costs

So, many marketers believe that outsourced lead generation operations are more cost-effective than handling them directly. This is simultaneously true and false. While there are initial costs, you will also need to cover additional costs.

#3: Control

Having your basic lead generation processes handled by an offshore company deprives you of direct control over such processes. Outsourcing is mainly a “set it and leave it” venture. Reliability has always been an issue, so you should make sure that you have the appropriate service provider for your activities.

#4: Data security

Allowing someone else to execute your marketing plans involves giving them vital information about your business. Sensitive data, in this respect, can be used positively for lead management tasks, particularly lead scoring. It also entails negative consequences, since you are exposing such data to an external party.

#5: Communication barriers

Even if you utilize advanced communication channels, you will still experience difficulties in relaying your insights and instructions to your service provider. Misunderstanding happens in numerous cases, making it difficult to foster harmonious information-sharing.

Given these factors, will you still take your chances with outsourcing? Well, it never hurts if you try it out with a competent B2B lead generation services company that knows only the best practices in landing quality leads.

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