How Web Analytic Tools Affect Lead Generation Campaigns

How Web Analytic Tools Affect Lead Generation Campaigns

How can one use web analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics to decide whether online lead generation campaigns are working as intended, need improving, or need a replacement?

Knowing which data to quantify and qualify from the web analytics results will help your online marketing teams figure out necessary information pertaining to your company’s online presence and the impact of online and offline marketing campaigns to both online and offline desired outcomes. Web analytic tools can also help your company learn about the statistics of your competitor’s online presence. Crucial data such as competitor web traffic, clicks, page views and referral sources help your online marketers respond appropriately so that they can attract more sales leads to visit their site.

The data processed by web analytic tools mostly pertain to a specified lead generation campaign. There are various web analytic tools available that offer different functions and insights into the actions of your sales leads whenever they visit your site in response to a particular lead generation campaign.

Understanding web analytics:

  • For starters, you can program analytic tools to separate your online traffic according to different marketing campaign methods. Doing this will help you understand how effective or ineffective your marketing campaigns are for generating sales leads and general traffic.
  • You can use analytics to measure the degree of engagement that your sales leads have with your landing pages. Measuring the length of time spent on your web pages and comparing it to your bounce rates will alert you when you need to improve your landing pages so that your website’s desired goals are achieved.
  • After measuring the engagement, analytical tools can then be programmed to measure the number of achieved events, goals or key performance indicators (KPI) that you have specified. These events can be sign-ups, content downloads, scheduled appointments, or whatever it is that you have set your website to accomplish.
  • Web analytic tools can even measure traditional marketing campaigns, such as TV spots and billboards. Assigning a specific website for these direct marketing campaigns will enable you to measure the traffic that they refer to your main website.

These are but a few of the functionalities of web analytic tools. You can set your own tools to collect and analyze different statistics depending on the goals that you want to accomplish. Utilizing two or more web analytic tools is necessary for online marketing, otherwise, those marketing efforts can just be considered a waste of time.