How to tailor-fit Webinars for Lead Generation

How to tailor-fit Webinars for Lead Generation

Any B2B company should have the proper tools to engage business prospects. Direct mail and telemarketing form the typical arsenal for a campaign, but webinars are the big guns.

The interactivity and engagement they present can help guide your prospects through the sales cycle. Your business can get the response it needs and facilitate the conversion from lead to sales.

But the real beauty lies in the fact that geographical boundaries are nonexistent. You can conduct a webinar in your living room and penetrate customers living as far as Timbuktu. Aside from that, you will be able to present all the information buyers need to purchase your product.

An important thing here is to know how to effectively conduct webinars to acquire new leads, and we just happen to have the right stuff for you.

Free Registrations. Who doesn’t like a seminar free of charge? Anyone can sign up for webinars, making them all the more advantageous. Although, initiating a webinar can be costly, you can never go wrong with the numerous opportunities that make the investment worth it. Also, registrants may supply their contact information, giving more opportunities for leads.

Offer Free Content. Free registration? Free content? Can it get any better?! Giveaways and freebies are always effective tools to reel in potential leads. Especially when you are in the B2B telemarketing industry, people will love signing up for free trials and ebooks just to know more about your company and the product you are selling. While you are at it, ask them if they want to opt in on subscriptions to company newsletters. Impressing them enough will convince them to make referrals and thus generate even more leads.

Create a Series. Why stop with just one presentation when you can conduct more. Schedule successive sessions and avoid getting redundant. Offer something new and unique from the material you presented in your previous webinar.

Use the Proper Tools. Nobody wants to sit through a 60-minute webinar just to listen. It is tedious. It is tasking. And it bores the hell out of the presenter and the audience. What you will need are infographics. Aside from visual relief, offer your audience with empirical references in the form of white papers to add to your credibility. You may also need to conduct a Q&A segment every now and then. Be sure to answer appropriately to satisfy curiosities.

Crucial is the webinar in a B2B marketing campaign. And it means a lot to know how to wield them at their fullest extent.