How To Market a Relatively New Product or Service Offering


Coming up with a new product or service is not an easy feat. From the conception period to the actualization of it, there’s a lot of care and thought put into it, and the thrill of finally having the finished work in your hands is a little short-lived because now, you have to think about how to effectively market it. 

You could have just created the most groundbreaking product but it won’t be of any use if no one knew about it. You need to promote it properly or else you’ll miss out on the opportunities people benefitting from your product. 

In terms of promoting a new product or service for your business, it can get quite overwhelming because there can be a myriad of endless possibilities on how to do it. It may seem difficult but the truth is that you don’t need to shell out a huge chunk of your budget to do so. The general rule of thumb here is that you have to choose what works best depending on the specific industry you’re in, your offerings, and most importantly, your audience. 

So, in light of this, here is a quick guide on how you can successfully market and sell a brand new product or service offering.

Power of Exclusive Previews

When make-up companies are about to launch their newest product line, they send out special PR boxes to a select number of their loyal customers and influencers in order for them to try out and review. These select few have the power to spread the word about the new product and attract more customers. The same goes with your loyal customers. Not only are they willing to buy your new product or service, but because they’ve had positive experiences with you before, they’d be more than happy to promote you to their own personal network of comrades. 

In the same vein, new customers and prospects are more inclined to check you out when they’ve heard positive testimonies from those who have tried it out before, so it’s really a win-win for both sides. 

Email Marketing

Just like cold calls, email marketing is still well alive and kicking. This is a great channel to getting word about your product out to as many people as possible, and as another plus side, it also makes a great gateway for you to get new subscriber signups. 

What you can do to spice up your launch is by running an email campaign that’s specifically for your new service or product. If you already have a newsletter in place, you can also utilize a section of your newsletter to highlight and announce that you have something special coming out soon. 

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Dedicated Blog Post

In case that you may not have a landing page for your customers to go to, the next best thing to do is to write a blog post about your new product or service. This may not reach too many new prospects, but it will surely reach your existing loyal customers which will lead them to re-engage with you. 

In your blog, you can give in-depth information, features, details, and all the benefits of your new product or service. Don’t forget to share the link to your blog post in your emails and across your other social media platforms. 

Make the Most of Events

Events are without a doubt the best and most fun way to introduce your product and engage with your customers. Of course, in-person events are not as feasible nowadays, but that shouldn’t stop you from hosting online events.  

Consider hosting Facebook Live sessions. For example, where you can demo your product and have a rapid-fire Q&A section where you can interact with your audience. If you feel like some questions need a more lengthy time to answer questions, you can opt to host a separate live session focused on solely answering more elaborate questions. Another good idea is to get in touch with an influencer and invite them to join you for your live sessions. This will give you more traction as people will see another familiar face working together with you.

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Client Reviews

Just like we talked about exclusive previews, never underestimate the power your client reviews hold. Having your customers promote it for you is one of the best ways to promote your new product or service. When you have a good relationship with your customers, you can ask them to write an online testimonial on your newest product/service. That will get people talking and attracting more traction to your business. 

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Social Media

Don’t forget to post about your new product on your social media platforms. This is another great way to promote your new product or service. It’s an easy way to reach your audience, and your loyal customers will have an even easier means of sharing your post with their own circle of friends in just one click. Make sure to include a link to a landing page, blog post, or a link back to your profile that can easily redirect your audiences back to you. 

Don’t forget to also include custom hashtags as part of your promotion. Make them unique and witty so as to give them a catchy ring. It helps your audience remember you better and of course, talk about you and your product/service more.

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Last but not least, telemarketing. Yes, this marketing strategy is still alive and kicking, and it should be used to its full potential. It may not be the most popular strategy, but it surely is one of the most effective strategies for your growing business. It doesn’t have to be difficult either. The key to a successful telemarketing campaign is to have a good script that will guide you in conducting the first part of your call, which is always crucial. Most importantly, you have to be prepared to have a conversation with your prospect outside of your script. They may have questions and you have to give them solution-bearing answers.

As long as you follow the right process and give yourself time to diligently practice, you’ll see yourself get more and more efficient in the field of telemarketing. 

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Promoting a new product or service will really depend on what channels your audience usually hangs out at and how frequent they are with their online presence. There is no cookie-cutter solution, but regardless of what niche you’re in, with all the tips, we have given you, the common denominator here is that you should take advantage of multiple channels in order to cross-promote all your new products and services. As long as your messaging is coherent and consistent throughout all channels, you’re sure to see your engagement rates go up higher.

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