How to Have a Productive B2B Demand Generation Team

Harmony is important in every aspect of business life. And as a marketer, your task is to ensure that each process that comprise the operation is up and running to produce significant results. Hence, there is a need for you to enhance your demand generation and other marketing processes every step of the way.

Now, this poses a challenge among marketers who are particularly struggling with complex demand generation activities. It is apparent that a business needs all the exposure it can get in order to fish out B2B leads. This entails knowing the right kind of content that attracts a high volume of lead traffic. But the thing is it is more of trial and error than precise speculation.

In many cases, constant experimentation with different demand generation strategies can be costly if not ineffective. So, what is the best way to come up with a solid campaign?

For this, you may need to look to your team for the solution. No doubt that marketing and sales occasionally butt heads over a variety of issues. Lead quality is one of them. Sales often complain about the quality of B2B leads that enter the pipeline. Marketing, on the other hand, is hard pressed to find the right prospects for the lead management database. For some businesses, the dissonance comes as trivial, but it will continue to hurt your revenue generation processes.

So, clearly marketing and sales need to work together, but how can we harmonize the differences between the two? Well, the cures can be as simple as the following tips:

Setup an effective lead nurturing database

Apparently, both your teams need the appropriate infrastructure in order to track and score leads based on their preference to buy. Lead management software is thus needed in order to accurately gauge the value of each within your database.

Foster healthy dialogue

Oftentimes, conflict between marketing and sales can be the result of miscommunication. If you think your processes are not getting the intended results, then it would be time to set a meeting. Have your sales discuss about the leads it needs to pursue. On the other hand, ask about the needs of your marketing arm for a more effective demand generation campaign.

Hire an independent corps of personnel

If you want profitability to be your core mission, then you may want to hire a B2B lead generation company that can supply you with an integrated marketing and sales staff. That way, you can streamline your business activities without worrying about conflict management.

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