How To Grow Your Database in 2020 Using Inbound and Outbound

How To Grow Your Database in 2020 using Inbound and Outbound

Your database powers up your lead generation. We know that because as a lead generation services provider, we know that gathering relevant data can positively impact your business’s sales and overall success.

This is why the growth of your database should remain an essential part of your marketing strategy.

There are several ways that you can start growing your database using both inbound and outbound techniques. In this article, we explore several strategies that we should be using this coming year.

  1. Social Prospecting
  2. Retargeting Custom Audiences
  3. Lead Magnets
  4. Optimize Your SEO
  5. Use Referrals
  6. Get a Lead Generation Expert

Social Prospecting on LinkedIn

Social selling is a hot topic because of how effective it is at driving connections and revenue.

It starts with social prospecting – the process where a marketer starts making connections with people based on set criteria. This is a quick way to build a long list of potential prospects on the largest professional social network in the world.

But there’s more.

You can also use specialist tools to grab the emails of everyone on your LinkedIn list so that you can retarget them on Facebook or throw them into your sales funnel for an email campaign.

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Facebook: Retargeting Custom Audiences and Creating Lookalike Ones

Retargeting is a great way to drive inbound traffic to your website and to reach people you’ve already talked to before. However, it can also be used to create a new list of people to reach with the same buyer persona as the ones you are trying to target.

Facebook gives you the option to create a lookalike audience out of your custom one when running an ad campaign. This allows you to tap into Facebook’s algorithm and generate ads for people who have the same demographics as your current list.

The ads can lead to landing pages with premium lead magnets.

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Premium Lead Magnets

People like freebies.

Everyone knows this, but with the number of lead magnets available, you’re also in competition with other companies who are giving out something for free.

If you’re giving out the same thing as five other websites, your idea might not be worth a prospect’s email address.

You need to be able to give out something that a prospect can find value in, something that will enhance their lives or business. Organizations that are willing to give something premium for free are considered to be thought and industry leaders. They are not worried that they are going to lose business because they’ve provided extra value for prospects.

Instead of giving out a standard template for an email, why not give out a pack of 10? Prospects will be much more willing to give out an email on a high-value lead magnet such as that.

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Optimize Your SEO

Want to boost your inbound campaigns and expand your directory?

Invest in SEO.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. It ensures that you are optimized to rank for keywords with buyer intent. Everything from proper keyword research to technical aspects of your website is governed by it.

SEO is vital because it maximizes your visibility and allows people to find you. It’s an effective inbound campaign to get your web properties in front of your prospects every time they search for a keyword that your industry is related to.

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The Referral System Still Works

There are many ways the referral system works, and you’re not just limited to giving out promo or coupon codes on checkout. You can create an email campaign asking for referrals, tap cold leads into helping you out, or speak to people in your network.

The reason that they are so powerful is that they carry the integrity of the person referring to your service. That piece of social proof does wonders in sales.

Make sure that the person referring to your organization gets something great in return. Just like in the case of lead magnets, people are getting sick of generic rewards.

Get a Lead Generation Expert to Help Out

Many companies specialize in inbound and outbound lead generation, and they are a great alternative to running your own campaign. You benefit from their specialist advice, and you take advantage of their comparative advantage when it comes to generating leads or setting appointments.

Another advantage of considering a lead generation expert is that it frees up your team to concentrate on other things that they’re better at. Organizations don’t have to spend time and resources training a new team to generate leads.

Instead, these valuable resources can be used for closers and customer service.

Lead generation companies can generate leads, qualify them, and even set appointments for sales teams. This is an efficient way to build a database from scratch without having to shell out a large amount of money for an in-house lead generation team.

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The New Year offers plenty of opportunities for marketers to step up their lead generation efforts and grow a robust database. Remember, a good database is essential to generating proper leads and increasing revenue in 2020.

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