How Thought Leadership can Boost IT Lead Generation

How Thought Leadership can Boost IT Lead Generation

In this day and age, information is widely accessible. Anyone with a tablet or smartphone can acquire new insights into certain topics just by typing a few keywords in a search bar. No one would have imagined how easy it would be to search for books unavailable in local libraries.

But there’s a caveat even firms marketing technology products recognize: The constant increase in the amount of information available online is met with a relative decrease in quality.

The decline, especially in the educative function of web content, can be attributed to a prevailing attitude among B2B marketers, especially in the tech industry.

Adhering to the idea that “Content is king,” businesses set up content strategies that (much for the amount of effort exerted in realizing them) fail to meet certain goals. This is because IT lead generation has been greatly reduced toward the production of information, consequently with a much lesser emphasis on context. As IT buyers have become more articulate in selecting the appropriate solutions for their enterprises, vendors must see to it that they be guided toward making a well-informed decision.

The value of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is an absolute necessity nowadays when everyone’s all hyped up about blog articles and infographics. It is fueled by the idea that content has to be delivered with the intention of framing an audience’s preferences and interests. For Hinge Marketing’s Elizabeth Harr: “You have to establish your credibility as an industry leader, offering an authoritative perspective on important topics in your marketplace.”

In essence, thought leadership is about including your own voice into the buying cycle. Buyers practically want to learn more about a particular solution before they can even consider purchasing it, so supplying them with credible insights allows for a higher chance of a sale.

For Tech Companies, What’s the Best Way to Better Audience Engagement?


To do this would require the following:


Create content that doesn’t just attract web visitors. More important right now is the fact that IT lead generation has to establish authority in the first few lines of a blog article or the initial phrases in a webinar.

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Networks with influencers

Build and maintain bridges with the most important personalities in the industry. You may also want them to post written content to your site as guest contributors. As a way to return the favor, they may give your brand a good boost by mentioning your content and thought leadership in their social media posts.

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Research ­

Most important, know what your market presently wants. This allows for the creation of a thought leadership platform that takes into account the kinds of advice and messages audiences want to hear as official guidance.

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