How Can You Best Generate B2B Leads From Current Customers?

How Can You Best Generate B2B Leads From Current Customers

This is a question that a lot of marketers have in mind. After all, when it comes to getting new business coming in, one of the best sources of sales leads would be your current customers. The only challenge here is how you will handle the task. Generating B2B leads can be easy, if you know which ones will work. Make the wrong move, and you will push your lead generation way back to the drawing board. But to be sure that you are doing things right, you just need to follow a few simple tips:

Think of value in the long run – businesses these days is not just limited to one transaction only. If you want to maximize your ability in your appointment setting campaign, you need to look ahead. Think of the value you offer to your prospects in the long run. Sure, a quick sale is good, but repeat sales would be much better, right?

Give complementary products or services – aside from the usual business offer you make to customers, you can also offer them some additional products or services to sweeten the deal. It may not even have to be related to your original offer. Still, you should focus on something that will make your customers feel that you really care about them.

Keep in touch – sometimes, keeping in close contact with your business prospects can be a powerful aid in the lead generation process. Give them a casual call, ask them how they are doing. Maybe a telemarketing call every once in a while might be a good idea for them. Ensuring that you are the type that prospects can talk to ca be a huge help to your business.

Practice your sales pitch – this is something that a lot of marketers tend to forget, especially if they are dealing with current customers. Even if they have done business with you before, it always helps if you can remind them of who you are. Freshening up memories, and appealing to their past experience with your service can be powerful tools in generating sales leads.

Find customers for your customers – in case you are doing business with other companies, you can easily get higher revenue by helping them find new customers as well. Think about it, when your customers receive larger orders from their own customers, they will turn to you for help. That could be a very large order. It will certainly add more to your revenue.

Provide incentives – what better way to encourage customers to help than by providing incentives? For example, you can offer discounts or special promos to customers who refer other companies to you. There are also other offers you can give, but the focus here is to provide encouragement for them to help increase your sales.

Very simple tips, right? Just imagine how it can help improve your b2b lead generation campaign. Your customers are your lifeline in this competitive business environment. Keeping it strong is your best bet.