Healthcare and Life Sciences: 3 Ideas to Inject Into Your Lead Gen Plan

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No business is exempted from lead generation – small, large, product-based, or service-based – on a certain level, one must do lead generation. As with every business, there are many different strategies that you can implement into your lead generation plan that will fit your business.

The healthcare industry is no different. Its methods are ever-evolving and with it also its clients. So before we go into discussing the best lead generation approach that fits the healthcare industry, let’s take a look and understand the change in your customers first in order to get a better understanding.

Modern medical service consumers oftentimes physically cringe at the words ‘medical sales’. Terms as such don’t fly with them anymore. Nowadays, it is more important to enable the consumer to make smart healthcare choices. So, the easier and more convenient you make it for consumers to find a solution to a healthcare problem, the more kudos to you.

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Modern B2B medical marketing is much more different than how it was 10 years ago. Medical professionals and businesses are too busy to be sparing an extra 5 minutes of their time to listen to a cold call from you. When they need a solution, they automatically hit the search engine to find answers online. It’s easier for them, more convenient, and undoubtedly faster. 

Truth be told many medical businesses pay to boost their services online, but what happens when they stop paying? Exactly – the leads will dry up. So, if you want to see growth for your business, you need a more self-sustaining medical lead generation strategy, and these are the ways you can achieve this.

Online Multi-channel Lead Generation

Have we mentioned how powerful the internet is? Yes. Have we mentioned how your clients and prospects all live on the internet? Why, yes! LinkedIn still remains one of the superior social media mediums for businesses to connect with prospects and promote their own business. Understand your target audience and how they interact on social media so you can come up with a fitting marketing strategy. In the same vein, do not take your own website for granted. Boost it up, make sure you update it regularly so your presence online doesn’t fade. 

When working on your websites as well as your blog posts, it is important to put emphasis on your compliance with HIPAA. By doing so, you send your prospects and clients the message that you are serious about your services and that you made sure that they don’t breach nor compromise any HIPAA rules.

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Service trial

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When you are trying to purchase a product online, oftentimes they offer you a trial version for a period of time for you to test the product out and to see whether it suits your needs or not. The latest trend in medical services is virtual assistance for doctors and small clinics. Say, you’re offering this specific service, your clients will be very careful and hesitant at first because it will mean that their VAs will gain confidential information on their patients, handle their concerns, as well as take care of the doctor’s schedules and meetings. Having said that, they won’t be too keen on signing a contract with you right away that will last for 6 months to a year.

A way to slowly but surely gain the trust of the more skeptic client is to offer them a trial period where they can commit to maybe 3 months at a time instead of the full term. That way they can evaluate for themselves if they enjoy and find your service helpful and decide to work with you full term. It’s important to give them an option and to assure them of the safety and security measures you provide to keep their trust. 

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Constant Engagement Across Channels

One of the most important things to remember in medical marketing is to constantly stay engaged with your clients, especially those who are part of the DMU (decision-making unit). Prospects appreciate it more when you provide them with content and materials that not only educate but also align with where they are in the buying process. It is said that 63% of customers who receive constant (and instant) engagement (across channels) is highly important to growing your business.

Another reality is that consumers don’t just want to see and read about healthcare and life sciences, they want to experience it and engage with you about it personally. So, always try to make this a priority.

To ensure that you are able to consistently nurture your prospects, make use of the power of marketing automation. With a robust marketing automation tool, you can schedule timely emails, make follow-up calls at the best times, and deliver content that moves your prospects further down into the sales funnel.

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Healthcare is one of the most essential services to offer and operate in, and people will always be skeptical about it at first, but if you do your best and keep an open mind to evolving your strategies and methods as your customers do, then you will see a significant change in your lead generation as well as your customer’s loyalty to your brand.

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