Maintaining a Growth-focused B2B Marketing Approach in Q4

Maintaining a Growth-focused B2B Marketing Approach in Q4

The holidays provide B2C companies with as much as 30% of their annual revenue. Meanwhile, B2B companies lie low. Years of marketing to businesses during the holidays have failed. Why make this year any different?

B2B ghost towns are missing out on opportunities to hit sales, even large transactions in the final quarter. While every other B2B competitor snoozes, smart B2B marketers should capitalize on the timing. Here’s how:


It is a common belief that companies have exhausted their annual budget by the end of the year. However, there remain departments with a budget surplus they have to “use or lose.” Some companies save their budget for the final quarter.

There are also prospective clients that spent the year researching and budgeting for SaaS and services they need for the upcoming year. While most B2B go on vacation like their clients and wait for Q1 to launch their marketing campaign, the wise ones get a jumpstart with ads targeted at these prospects.

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Holiday Deals

Only a few B2B companies offer discounts and promotions during the holidays. The competition is narrow this time of the year. The most effort they will take is to send holiday cards or an email greeting.

Get ahead by sending your holiday card on Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, and include a “special gift.” Prospects that are difficult to push down the funnel during the regular season are likely to buy on impulse, not missing out on the deal. Q4 is also the time many strategists decide on purchases they will make once they renew their budget in Q1.

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Keep it Fresh

Review your contact details and ad campaigns. It is vital to always look “fresh” in the eyes of your prospects and clients. At the same time, you want customers to have the right number, link to your website, and address when they are ready to push through with the transaction.

Tweak your ads with a touch of holiday cheer but consider demographics before you spend on remarketing. You don’t want to end up in spam mail or appear spammy to search engine moderators.

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Live Events

Holiday parties and vacations make it challenging to set up a meeting to plan next year’s strategy with your prospects, but it’s worth a try. It is vital to stay visible and active as the year ends.

Demo events or even a free webinar are great ways to connect with your prospects and make your brand come alive. Live events are also significant at boosting your PR strategy.

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Capture new B2B leads in Q4 when they research for a Q1 purchase. Free content helps your audience make an educated decision. All educational content should point to your product or service, and a call to action with a matching holiday spirit.

Gift Guides

You published great content throughout the year, and now it’s time to wrap it up neatly in a handy gift guide. Curate content for newbies, a how-to guide, top viral posts, and an industry year in review. Video marketing and even text ads can get through to prospects who scan their social media on mobile during the holidays.

Incentives Sales Reps

While you won’t be beating your sales reps up with unattainable quotas, you can keep sales performance from sinking around the holidays. Set rewards such as extra time off for closing certain sales. Extra time with friends, family, and travel provide motivation employees need to stay on top of their job.

Customer Retention

Refuse to give regular customers the silent treatment. Continue to market to present clients and encourage them to renew their subscriptions for the coming year. Create a VIP sale through email marketing with a time limit to create urgency.

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Meet with the Executives

Relaxed schedules make C-level executives open-minded to opportunities presented at other times of the year. Don’t be afraid to make phone calls and coordinate with senior executives to talk about holiday plans and end-of-the-year goals.

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Wrap Up

Do you become a B2B Scrooge around the holidays and go into hibernation? Get your B2B adrenaline rush and stay active all year long. Use the time to reach out to loyal customers, keep marketing to your target personas, and give your sales reps one final nudge before they go on vacation mode. End this year full speed ahead.

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