Getting the Gist of Effective Customer Profiling

Getting the Gist of Effective Customer Profiling

Customer profiling isn’t a new concept. It has been in the vocabulary of every B2B marketer for a while now and nearly everyone has understood its importance in making successful sales closes.

Right now, anyone can tell you that data profiling plays an intrinsic role in B2B lead generation and appointment setting. To get a basic view of how valuable it is, we will have to outline its four essential functions:

As a window into your target’s mind.

Salesforce has defined data profiling as a process of getting into the minds of one’s target audience. For sure, you wouldn’t be able to create effective messages if you rely on superficial data about the people you want to convert into paying customers. According to the Daily Egg’s Marcia Yudkin, initiating an engagement with a target client has to involve emphasizing current and urgent needs. Customer profiling allows you to identify the kinds of messages that a particular client demographic wants to hear for it to make a crucial engagement.

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As a lead filtration system.

Not everyone in your lead management database will end up actually buying something from you. However, you can increase the volume of your sales-ready leads by locating people that match your ideal client specifications.

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As a means for acquiring market intelligence.

Acquiring a bigger market share involves taking a step ahead of your competitors. To do this, you will need to understand how your audience currently behaves by simply observing their online interactions. For the Harvard Business Review, it is about obtaining and consolidating “siloes” of data about your prospects based on:

  • What they’re saying.
  • What they’re buying.
  • What they’re doing.
  • What they’re liking.

This way, you are able to create messages that resonate well with their preferences. Not only that, it also allows for building long-term relationships with clients as well as provide your brand a needed boost in its appeal.

As a way to update your database.

Old data can be a hindrance to obtaining high-value opportunities. Data profiling can help you dust off obsolete and inconsistent records that would otherwise entail a waste of time and effort and, in effect, increase sales efficiency.

A manufacturer of printing products once contacted Callbox to help in updating its contact lists. Using its data cleansing and verification service, Callbox mobilized its researchers to reach out with the client’s contacts, update obsolete data, and replenish the list with fresh batches of decision-makers straight from Callbox’s own global database. More details about the campaign in this case study.

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