Getting Over Lead Generation Campaign Failures

Getting Over Lead Generation Campaign Failures

Both business to business (b2b) and business to consumer (b2c) entrepreneurs know the bittersweet taste of failure. This is because they know first hand that not many lead generation marketing strategies actually produce the desired results. In fact, most of the best b2c and b2b lead generation campaigns are merely an amalgam of previous failed or average-result marketing plans.

Failure is an event that every entrepreneur has to confront. Even the greatest corporations of the world have experienced failure in one way or another. Even Steve Jobs – who can be considered one of the greatest marketing minds of our age – experienced very public failures throughout his life: the great market failures known as Apple III, Apple Lisa and the iPad predecessor Apple Newton; getting fired from a company he co-founded; and his next business venture barely producing any profit till it was bought by Apple.

Like Jobs, what matters is not the size or number of failures, but rather the lessons learned from them. Here’s a list of a few common sales leads generation marketing failures that b2c and b2b marketers often commit and how to avoid them:

  • New technology that fizzle instead of sizzle – there are products and services that are so innovative, so revolutionary, that they are sure to change the world – at least that’s what the manufacturing companies think. However, they still struggle to generate sales leads despite monumental marketing efforts to push their products to the public.

Lesson: Market Testing. Without prior testing (by actual representatives of the target market), companies will not be able to identify the problem areas and shortcomings of their products, which results in undervalued and  low-quality merchandise that their sales leads do not want.

  • Lame Lead Generation Telemarketing – b2b and b2c companies who only wish to educate the world of their company’s amazing products and services, and yet are always reciprocated with hang-ups and “take me off your list – now!”.

Lesson: Targeted calling lists and marketing solutions instead of products. Business sales leads have no time to listen to stories about another company or their amazing products, what they need to know is HOW these products and solutions can help improve their business.

  • Empty Appointment Schedules – despite hours of cold calling targeted telemarketing lists, appointment setters still can’t get past stubborn gatekeepers, and when they do, the people who attend the meetings can’t make the decisions.

Lesson: Appointment setting best practices. Those “stubborn” gatekeepers are valuable assets for professional b2b appointment setters. Furthermore, these b2b appointment setters make sure to make appointments with only the relevant decision makers in their target industry.

These common marketing failures are often encountered by marketers and startup companies, but they provide valuable experiences that will help them lead their company to greatness in the future.