Get More Sales by Underscoring Urgency in B2B Appointment Setting

Get More Sales by Underscoring Urgency in B2B Appointment Setting

“In today’s multi-threaded, multi-tasking multi-verse, it’s no longer good enough to make a clear, compelling case about why someone should do something. You have to make a case about why they have to do it NOW.”

This passage written by Velocity Partners Co-Founder Doug Kessler back in 2010 sure does ring in sync with today’s tune. As new techniques are introduced into every marketer’s B2B lead generation campaigns, urgency should still be highlighted as an essential motivator for creating interest.

How else would you convince B2B decision makers to seal a purchase?

At some point, enterprises will still be able to acquire more sales leads, only to find that these leads would not go as far as setting an appointment with a sales rep. The main reason for this is the absence of a sense of urgency.

It is simply the way it works: By positioning a product to address a current and serious problem, you are implicitly giving a prospect a valuable option. Especially when the prospect conforms to your definition of a qualified customer, there is a higher chance for a sales conversion to take place.

Of course, it will take a good sense of navigating through a conversation to reveal “attack points” in which urgency can be played up.

In an excerpt from his article for, marketing professional John Barrows details the seven important things to remember when talking to prospects and filling them in on why your products are top priority.

  • Do your homework prior to the meeting to try and find out the publicly stated top business priorities.
  • Develop questions specific to finding out what those priorities are or how your solution can align with them.
  • Make sure you have a reason for your questions.
  • Ask your questions and dig for insight.
  • If the insight isn’t good enough, ask to be introduced to someone who can give you the insight you need.
  • Summarize their priorities and how your solution aligns. Get confirmation in writing (summary email, mutual action plan, etc.)
  • Confirm and highlight their priorities and your solutions alignment throughout your communications (update calls, proposals, etc.).

Creating effective conversations can guarantee that your product’s value is presented well, but it’s not enough. It is still vital to conduct constant monitoring of important metrics such as ROI and lead conversions. In addition, employing top notch appointment setters can up your sales gains.

Set more appointments by following these tips!

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