How to Get Booked with Discovery Calls

For many online experts with high ticket offers, filling up your calendar involves speaking with potential clients on discovery calls. But how exactly do you go about getting these calls booked?

Don’t worry! As experts in providing lead generation services, we got you! Here are the simple but effective ways to secure more discovery calls

Do the Math

Well, first things first, you have to ask yourself how many discovery calls you convert? Add up the total number of discovery calls you have, preferably for each month. Now, total up the number of those calls that ended in a client signing up to work with you. Divide the total number of clients by the total number of discovery calls and then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. For instance, if you have 30 discovery calls and signed 15 clients, then you have a 50% conversion rate.

Now that you’re clear on your conversion rate, it’s time to determine how many discovery calls you need to reach your client goal. For example, if you need 5 clients a month, and you close 50% of your calls, then you need to have 10 discovery calls each month! Keep in mind, that as you get better at discovery calls, your conversion rate will probably increase.

Different Types of Calls

The type of discovery call that you offer is highly dependent on your business. This could be clarity calls, strategy sessions, mindset assessments, website audits, fitting calls, etc. Be sure to use this as an opportunity to ask potential clients if they want to hear more details about how you support your clients and then, share what you have to offer, how you can best serve them, and make sure you’re a great fit.

Keep it Simple, Gain Big Results

To keep a steady flow of discovery calls coming in on your calendar, create a simple sales funnel with a free opt-in that leads to an opportunity to book a free call. Once this is established, it’s time to promote, promote, promote. 

Start by adding your freebie to your website, and then share it consistently on all social media platforms and by emailing your list. Look for opportunities to share this free resource in other groups, as the call to action in your own content, or as a guest for others (blogs, podcasts, Facebook lives, etc.). Expand your reach quickly by running a paid ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram.

The more you promote the lead magnet, the more discovery calls will get booked in.

Reach out to interested Prospects

As long as you’ve had a conversation with them before, striking a deal with them will be relatively easier than a brand new call. Make a list of everyone that has shown some sort of interest in your offer before and reach out to them. However, remember not to merely sell to them, but also build rapport, find out how they have progressed, and invite them to a conversation over the phone or better, over a video call. 

The Takeaway

Remember that you should practice discovery calls to get good at them. Everything takes practice! Offer your readers an incentive to book one; make it clear, not vague. Put your discovery call as a call to action at the end of products or freebies!

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