Generate More B2B Leads, The Game Of Thrones-style

Generate More B2B Leads, The Game Of Thrones-style

What’s the difference between a popular fantasy television series and B2B marketing? Both can bring a lasting impression on audiences. After all, this has always been the reason why the HBO mini-series Game of Thrones was able to sustain its popularity through effective story-telling and production. We can have George R.R. Martin to thank for that; still, Game of Thrones wouldn’t have been where it is now without a loyal fanbase.

But what does the series’ success have to do with the ever complex task of generating high-quality B2B leads? Well, we can always get a glimpse at how lead generation can be improved by simply what Game of Thrones got right throughout seven seasons.

To be sure, we can take cues from these experiences and apply them to any B2B campaign, ensuring that the sales pipeline won’t freeze over – like how Viserion did when he took a javelin from the Night King. What? The latest season’s over, so no spoilers here!

Define your targets.

For sure, the production crew didn’t translate Martin’s epic fantasy books to television overnight. Apparently, it took a lot more than writing a script. You have to make sure that everything has to work together in order to form the world of Westeros. Careful planning was what propelled the series into grabbing as many Emmy’s as it can get for a fantasy TV series. This should also compel marketers to do more than just talking with sales. They should also consider finding seeking the best solutions that will bring only the best results. Here are the 4 main lead generation goals that you should be targeting.

Go beyond your target audience.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs possess this notion that they should focus on one particular segment. While this has always been the case among players in various industries, the fact that companies are now fully capable of extending their outreach deserves a great deal of attention. Game of Thrones did it by transforming a genre supposedly made for fantasy geeks into a worldwide phenomenon that non-nerds would also appreciate. In this case, B2B companies should take extra strides into marketing their products and solutions to a wider audience as possible.

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Secure a better narrative.

From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, stories play a significant role in cultivating the successes of science fiction and fantasy franchises. Take a look at how Game of Thrones has created narratives that drew in a lot of people. In the world of B2B marketing, narratives also play a significant role, specifically by supporting prospects in the decision-making process and, eventually, securing a commitment or purchase.

We all know that these are all basic stuff. On that note, what else is there to know from the Game of Thrones experience that marketers can adopt?