What It Takes to Form an Exceptional Lead Generation Band

Music is a universal language that everyone can speak. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a casual listener or a full-fledged music lover, the fact of the matter is that music has the ability to speak to our souls and convey messages that mere words can not.

Freddi Mercury with words from lyrics as background

Now, you might be asking yourself what all of this talk about music has to do with marketing and lead generation. Well, there are actually more similarities to these two things than you might think.

Let’s have a look at these musical formulas that will surprise you at how applicable they are to our daily lead generation grind.

One Hit Wonder

Remember when everyone and their pets knew Gotye’s “Someone that I used to know”? We all sang along to it and the memes born from this song took over the internet and are still being used to this day. Needless to say, Gotye blew up, but his music also vanished just the same.

Meme - When your prospect has not replied in 3 days

Many businesses make the same mistake. They put out a product/service that takes the market by storm, they get their spot in the limelight but then you hardly hear from them again. Consistency is what you want to practice. The only way your customers and clients will keep coming back and stay loyal is when the quality of your service, product, and the content stays consistent all throughout without any “dead air” in between to disrupt your flow.

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A bop!

Every year, there will be a few bop songs out in the charts that will take over the music scene for months and sometimes even stick around for years. They’re typically catchy, and the lyrics are fun and easily embed themselves into your memory without you even trying to memorize them.

Being able to create a bop that sticks around is considered a great win for the artist because that means they’ll be staying in the top 10 charts for a long time, they’ll experience a huge fan base growth, and it opens up greater opportunities for the artists as well as growth especially for new artists who just entered the music scene. 

What has your latest product bop been? Whether you’re a startup company or a veteran in the business, it’s important that you have that one product/service that stands out from the competition and that leaves your customers always coming back for more. Remember that not only does your product have to be a bop, but even more importantly your messaging. If your messaging won’t be able to capture your audience, then not even your product/service as a standalone will.

Meme - When your landing page is full of reference from the 70s. - Paul Stanley from the band Kiss sitting in a crowd

Tailor your messaging to the right occasion and to the theme of your campaign. Remember that it has to fit the season of your product/service release.

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EP vs. Full Album

An EP is considered more like an extension of a single that artists release a little while prior. They are usually only about one to three songs long while a full album contains more than seven, sometimes even as many as twenty. Many new artists start off by releasing EPs as their debut album. Releasing Eps is almost like testing the waters to see how people will respond to the songs, and if the response is great, the artist will follow it up with a full-fledged album

Michael Jackson before and after

The same application can be made when it comes to our lead generation campaigns. When businesses partner with an outbound lead generation team, they would typically run a pilot campaign that ranges from 3-6 months to test the waters and see how it goes. When the campaign proves to be a success, it tells them that the best next step forward is to go for a full annual campaign. This proves that you have a reliable lead generation partner that has all the right tools to make every campaign that you put out not just successful but also makes sure that your sales funnel is constantly running with sales qualified leads.

Strong Fanbase

Having a strong and loyal fanbase is the backbone of every musician. They are what keeps them going — the ones who inspire them to keep making music and put a smile on their face when they sing the lyrics back to the artist during concerts performances. Artists who treat their fans with love and sincerity gain their respect and love back. 


When Taylor Swift was about to make her comeback with her Reputation album, she barely did any promotions. The only thing she did was post a cryptic series of photos on her Instagram and only one poster of her album cover with a release date. She did no promotional tour nor interviews, but even though she did nothing much to promote her album, everyone knew she was coming back because of her fans. 

When you have a strong bond with your client and customer base, they become your voice. Oftentimes even without you asking them for a review, they will gladly testify about your service/product out of their own volition. They are the best instruments you can have to spread awareness about your brand and even bring in fresh leads into your funnel.

Check out the latest reviews from our happy fans!


Comebacks are undoubtedly what fans look forward to the most. Especially when their favorite artists have taken a very long hiatus from performing and releasing any music. In the K-pop world, comebacks are an especially huge deal and groups will never do anything half-baked. Days before their comeback, K-pop groups will release a string of teasers and trailers on YouTube. But that’s not where it ends. On their social media, they will have scheduled posts leading up to their comeback where they drop concept photos, tracklists, individual clips for each member, and so much more to get the fans hyped up.

Mr. Bean waiting and looking at his watch

When you’ve created a new service/product, that is the initial high, but what follows after that is the efforts you have to put into effectively marketing it to your audience. How have your comebacks been looking lately? Always remember to optimize every platform and channel you have to market your product/service. Be creative in the way you announce the arrival of something new that you’ve been brewing up. 


An important thing to remember here is not to give away everything right away. Give a little tease here and there, but leave enough room for your audience to wonder and anticipate. 

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World Tours


One of the greatest feelings an artist can experience would definitely be going on tour and performing for their fans in every corner of the world. The globally renowned K-pop group BTS started out as a rookie group from a small company that consistently grew their fame in Korea with every comeback and album release, and it wasn’t long before they garnered loving fans from all around the world. In no time they started regularly touring the world and cementing their name in the music industry. 

Fans at concert

The same goes for business. Once you’ve established your brand locally, it’s high time to start expanding to new global territories where you can bring your business to greater heights that will open the doors for new marketing opportunities. Not only will your brand awareness spread to new regions, but with it also comes increasing trust from customers as well as potential business partners. Never pass up the opportunities for cross-border expansion, you’ll never know what great success awaits you if you don’t take that first step.


See? Music doesn’t just speak to the soul, but it also directly mirrors daily realities that we face — may that be in our personal lives as well as in this case, our professions. We hope that these musical perspectives will add new flavor to your lead generation strategies and how to go about them. 

Just like forming a band, forming your own lead generation team and campaigns takes time, careful thought, and planning. Take one step at a time and by incorporating the points we presented, you should be well on your way to forming your own lead generation band.

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