How to Find Leads and Generate B2B Sales after COVID-19

How to Find Leads and Generate B2B Sales after COVID-19

Doing business in the middle of a pandemic is both risky and difficult. More than half a year into the pandemic and while health precautions are greatly being observed, businesses are slowly, steadily resuming operations to keep the economy going. The truth of the matter is that operations have to make several new adjustments due to the pandemic, and one of the major question marks looming over B2B salesperson’s heads is, “Where are we going to find sales after this pandemic?” 

You’re not alone in this struggle. As a lead generation services provider, we are passionate about what we do best — and that is lead generation. So today, we are going to tackle where and how you can find your B2B sales.

Jumpstart your B2B Sales

Many businesses are testing the waters again as they slowly reopen. Of course, we’re not completely in the clear yet, but at least it’s relatively safe enough to come back out again. 

Here are some key insights for you to keep in mind in order to jumpstart your B2B sales again and how your B2B sales can adapt to our “New Normal”.

Customer Outreach

Be proactive in your search for new prospects rather than waiting for them to come to you. Devise a comprehensive approach for your customer outreach and lead generation across all your channels both outbound and inbound.

Solid and Consistent Process

The market has become even more competitive now than it was prior to the pandemic as every deal counts more than before. Go back and revisit your sales process to see how you can improve and adjust your strategy to the current situation. There is not much room for improvisation with the expectation that your prospects are all ready and eager to purchase right now. 

Your sales strategy has to be precise and consistent in every single stage of the purchase journey, specifically in these areas:

  • Discovery stage
  • Initial phone call with the sales representative
  • Product/service demo
  • ROI calculations
  • Interview with decision-makers
  • Closing the deal

This is a general overview of the different stages. Of course, every sales process is going to look different so feel free to customize your process that will suit your company’s needs. The most important takeaway here is that you’re ready to guide your customers through each stage of their buying journey in a way that saves both your time, maximizing your efforts, and eventually get them ready to purchase.

Reconnect with “Cold” Leads

The common practice with cold leads is that we disregard them and move on to qualified prospects instead. However, this is the best time to reach out to them again. If you have a number of prospects that you haven’t reached out before the pandemic, now is a great time to reconnect with them. It could be that they simply weren’t ready to buy before, but they could be in a better position and circumstance now that they’re more willing to work with you now. 

So, as you’re reaching out to your long-term leads, also take the time to revisit your cold leads to increase your opportunities to get more leads into your funnel.

You must read this article on how to warm up your cold leads.

Boost your Online Presence

Needless to say, it’s going to take a long while until person-to-person business transactions can fully go back to normal. This is why it’s crucial that you strengthen your online presence across all your social channels. Various businesses have gone MIA even on their other channels which led their audience to look for other partners. You don’t want even your most loyal customers to jump ship. Interact with your customers and prospects online, let them know that you acknowledge their struggle and that you’re still there offering solutions.

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How to Help Businesses with your Products and Services

Like you, many other businesses need a soft reset and help to get back on their feet. Here are some effective ways on how you can help different industries around you take their place again in the economy.

Hands-off Economy

When you walk into a luxury shop you’d often come across signs that would signal to keep your “hands-off”. This is our reality now with everything and even when COVID-19 has passed years from now. Many local businesses, as well as network companies, have started looking into it. 

There are already many businesses that have either resumed or have kept carrying on with their operations despite the woes of letting themselves be vulnerable to the virus every day. One of the biggest risks they face is the possible viral transmission when people pay with cash. The best way that you can help companies such as these is by developing and providing them with online payment options so that their customers will be able to either pay with their cards or via payment apps. This opportunity is especially most advantageous for app development companies.

Healthcare Contribution

The pandemic has put the biggest strain on healthcare facilities and medical professionals all over the world. Whether the number of cases is going up or down, the need to stay vigilant and alert still stands. Now, this is where SaaS companies and software developers come in. Patients are strictly advised to observe social distancing. However, medical professionals don’t have this option. Telemedicine has been on the rise even before this year, but it’s even more applicable in the times we’re living in right now. 

Help equip the healthcare industry with efficient telehealth technology which will allow doctors and nurses to tend to their patients without the dread of potentially contracting the virus. On the other end of the spectrum, families who have loved ones admitted to the hospital will also be able to benefit from this as they can still keep in contact with them and acquire regular updates about their health progress.

There is also no better time than now to heighten the security of patient data. There is a lot of pressure on healthcare administrations to process an influx of data in so little time, companies who are specifically engaged in developing anti-malware and cybersecurity apps and software to lend a helping hand to medical facilities so they can stay on top of their patient’s data. 

Helping Agricultural Companies

Let’s not forget the agricultural industry, specifically farmers, who have had to trash and destroy their products because they couldn’t find any means of selling their products. How can you help them? You can help them by providing faster means of acquiring data in order to ensure the quality of their end products. If you provide them with an in-depth catalog that includes all seasons that has a powerful cybersecurity and storage capacity.


As things keep on changing, we have to learn how to adapt and embrace all the new forms of “normal” in these circumstances. In order to increase your chances of growing your lead funnel, you have to know how to look for them. So, pay close attention to industries around you, and even globally, who took a major hit due to the pandemic and look for innovative ways to help them advance their businesses as well as pick up their paces again. 

We hope that these tips will help you in finding your new B2B sales. Keep in mind that there are far more industries in need of help other than the ones we’ve mentioned. It’s all about keeping a lookout – keeping an eye out for each other.

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