The Digital Lead Generation Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital Lead Generation Ecosystem

While generating leads continues to be a top priority for businesses, most of them still struggle with effectively structuring their online campaigns to do just that.

Created by Charlotte SEO agency, Straight North, the “Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic shows how multiple online outlets fit together to help marketers create cohesive lead generation campaigns.

It also allows you to identify the holes in your campaign that may be causing you to miss out on valuable leads. The infographic moves horizontally from traffic source to new customer. In between holds the key tools needed to turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

  • The second row of hexagons shows the available marketing campaigns that are used to draw traffic to a website.
  • Dominating the center, is the company website and a list of content options that can be used to convert visitors.
  • At the bottom and to the right: the technical workflow of digital lead generation campaigns — this includes transfer of form and phone inquiries to sales, and the transfer of lead data to campaign reports, and the use of that data for conversion optimization.

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