Database Dicta: Secure and Organize your Lead Generation Data

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Every venture into the B2B world entails a lot of risk factors. While some companies struggle with satisfying volatile market palates through lead generation, others generate bad leads at some point in their campaign.

It is a tough journey towards realizing business growth as well as keeping people satisfied.  What is clear however is that certain problems that seem unwilling to budge have their respective solutions. Take for instance the ever important issue of data security and management.

Companies manage a large wealth of data, particularly information about their target clients. Organizing such high-value data however is like observing each grain of sand in a single sack. You could not avoid losing track of each personality that falls under your microscope and also supplying the pipeline with bad sales leads. This has been a prevailing problem among marketers, especially when 62% of them rely on incomplete and inaccurate lead information, according to a 2013 survey by Demand Gen Report.

Data security is also an issue worth noting. Cyber attacks have become frequent nowadays. Hackers have developed better methods to breach business defenses and acquire precious information on B2B leads.

These threats in mind, coupled with the need to qualify lead generation data, businesses are seeing the importance of employing an effective marketing automation system.

At least with such a system, businesses can:

Personalized emails

B2B buyers are convinced more by messages directed at them. In other words, they respond better to messages that touch upon their needs. Personalization, however, is not an easy path to tread insofar as lead generation quantity  is concerned. Marketing automation in this case eases the process of composing tailored emails, making sure that each personality gets his blend of information.

Efficient distribution

When distributing tailored messages, timing is everything. It is often a bad strategy to allow a stream of send-outs at the most inconvenient times. Segmented send-outs on the other hand make sure that potential clients get a conservative and less annoying amount of messages, giving you a more consistent and productive B2B lead generation flow.

Assess high profile leads

Using marketing automation software, businesses can manage a high amount of leads. More importantly, despite a flood of lead generation data, they can effectively implement their client profiling scheme to the system, thereby easing the identification and qualification of B2B leads for sales.

Protect client data

Countless data breaches were either a result of neglect or a lack of a secure system. Marketing automation in this sense not only increases your activities marketing-wise; it also protects individual client information from being exposed using sophisticated security features. In effect, such a system maintains client trust by preventing any unwanted use of client data.

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