Competitive Battle Plan: A Quick Guide to IT Lead Generation Outsourcing

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The IT industry is as vibrant as ever. And along with better and newer technologies each year, the market is also seeing innovations in terms of B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

Industry players mainly want to deliver their solutions in the best possible ways. From data management and telecommunications, companies like Microsoft and SAGE primarily depend on telemarketing to bridge IT managed services and their intended audience. Today, it pays to leverage multi-channel marketing technologies to produce high profile industry leads for a better sales performance. This tellingly results in better competitiveness and profitability on top of productive market relations. However, the competitive climate also has a few complications in store.

The Problems
First, cost-efficient lead generation telemarketing and appointment setting remains an issue. ROI maximization is an essential objective, thus you are compelled to seek effective B2B marketing solutions that offer a good flow of revenue. More often than not, looking for an effective IT lead generation formula would entail exhausting your financial arm.

Second, competitiveness doesn’t revolve solely around the quantity of IT leads you produce. Rather, it focuses much on generating prospects that are willing to buy. This obviously requires skill, and it would take training a competent team of telemarketing and appointment setting experts to fill your sales pipeline with the right people. Unfortunately, again, you would have to spend additional costs for training and operational facilities. Luckily, these complications could be thwarted – by outsourcing.

Outsourcing as a Productive and Profitable Solution
Lead generation for IT managed services can be ironed out by outsourcing your marketing operations to a B2B firm that knows your industry. But marketing knowledge isn’t the only factor for success. A competent outsourcing firm should also possess the following:
Quality telemarketing call scripts that will translate cold calls into appointment setting opportunities;

Efficient lead prospecting that takes into account specific data on your target demographics to give your appointment setters;

Reliability control measures comprised of regular reporting on campaign gains and other market analytics through CRM software, so you would know how your investments fare;

Multi-channel marketing capabilities that involve inbound telemarketing and direct mail methods;

Lead management database that effectively secures, files and scores pertinent data on IT leads that include business executives and information management executives; and

Competent personnel pre-trained to suit your needs and run your core marketing processes without much hassle and expenses on the side.

B2B outsourcing has proven itself to be a potent technique that could help providers of IT managed services to become more competitive. Innovations in B2B multi-channel marketing might be an important factor in the race for a bigger share of the IT market. But expertise in independent business processes is far important if you prioritize operational improvement as a means to better competitiveness.