How We Helped a Managed IT Firm Close $150K in One Campaign

How We Helped a Managed IT Firm Close $150K in One Campaign

As one of the industries that Callbox has successfully helped in lead generation and appointment setting, the managed IT industry stands out as one of the primary examples of our expertise and effectiveness in delivering results.

“Multiple channel outreach
+ targeted data = successful campaigns.”

That was the driving force behind our campaign for a managed IT firm, leading to an impressive $150K in closed deals in one campaign.

It all began with a conversation about the client’s challenges and goals. Our team recognized that addressing the customer’s pain points would require a well-thought-out strategy that seamlessly connected them with their target market.

Here’s how we took their vision and transformed it into tangible achievements:

The Multichannel Approach

We designed a multi-touch campaign to bring the client’s services directly to key decision-makers within the target locations. Our strategy focused on lead generation and appointment setting for the client’s ideal target industries, contacts, and key decision makers.

Comprehensive research and profiling

We identified the relevant possibilities across a range of industries—including mining and construction, banking, and real estate—by focusing on the client’s ideal customer profile. We gathered contact information and facts on each potential prospect using focused desk research and database analysis, ensuring that the client’s sales efforts were as efficient and successful as possible.

Streamlined outreach

We created a consistent multi-touch multichannel approach using phone, email, and social media. This holistic approach ensured every touchpoint was thoughtfully tailored to speak to the needs and interests of the client’s potential customers. By utilizing a mix of communication channels, we maximized our chances of engaging the right prospects and building trust and rapport.

Through one-on-one conversations, our team built relationships and trust, setting appointments with qualified prospects eager to learn more about the client’s services. The personalized touch in our messaging and calls resonated with prospects, making them more likely to engage with the client’s offerings and attend scheduled appointments.

Delivering Remarkable Results

The impact of our efforts was immediately evident. The campaigns resulted in 90 qualified sales appointments, which the client’s team then translated into $150,000 in new contracts.

Our unique approach not only accelerated pipeline growth but also reduced friction for both the client and their prospects. By focusing on quality engagements and meaningful interactions, we established a seamless experience that drove conversions and increased client satisfaction.

The collaboration between Callbox and the client was seamless. The client’s team appreciated the clear communication and transparency we provided, including real-time updates and progress reports. This level of partnership allowed us to continuously adapt and fine-tune the campaign based on the client’s changing demands.

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Making Prospecting Personal

A crucial aspect of our success was the personal touch we brought to the client’s campaigns. We believe in humanizing the sales process to foster genuine connections. Incorporating personalized elements into each touchpoint—such as custom email content and targeted phone conversations—created a strong sense of familiarity and trust.

For instance, our tailored email templates resonated with prospects, providing them with relevant and valuable information about the client’s services. The personal touch also extended to phone conversations, where our skilled representatives engaged prospects in meaningful dialogue, building relationships and establishing credibility.

Navigating Challenges and Adjusting Strategies

Throughout the project, we encountered a variety of challenges, such as changes in the client’s marketing priorities and the expansion into a new market in Sydney, Australia. However, our agile approach allowed us to adapt and recalibrate our strategies accordingly.

When the client introduced new offerings like IT advisory and cloud management solutions, we adjusted our messaging and targeting to align with these new priorities. Additionally, when the client expanded into the Australian market, we shifted our focus to engage potential customers in Sydney, utilizing our experience and expertise to penetrate the new market effectively.

Leveraging Innovative Tools and Technologies

Our campaigns utilized Pipeline, Callbox’s proprietary marketing automation tool, to enhance lead management and ensure a smooth, streamlined process. Pipeline’s SMART Calling feature optimized decision-maker reach, while its Lead Nurture tool allowed the client to customize outreach cadences for maximum impact.

The use of advanced tools, not only improved the efficiency of our campaigns but, also allowed us to provide the client with real-time updates and analytics. This enabled the client’s team to track progress, make informed decisions, and stay aligned with their growth objectives.

Building Long-Term Success

As our campaigns continued to deliver results, the client’s confidence in our partnership grew. The three completed campaigns, each lasting three months, consistently met and exceeded the client’s targets, leading to ongoing success and growth.

Beyond the immediate financial gains, our collaboration with the managed IT company laid a strong foundation for future campaigns. Building relationship and trust with our clients’ potential clients helped them position themselves as an industry leader, establishing the path for further growth and success.

Key Takeaways

  • Consistent Quality: Our consistent delivery of high-quality leads and appointments helped our client win significant new business.
  • Adaptability: Our campaigns evolved alongside the client’s changing goals, allowing us to stay ahead of market shifts and deliver targeted results.
  • Clear Communication: Real-time updates and streamlined lead management ensured smooth transitions from one campaign phase to the next, keeping the client informed and on track.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Our close collaboration with the client established a solid foundation for future campaigns and continued success.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Our partnership with the managed IT firm showcased the power of strategic marketing and tailored outreach. We demonstrated that a personalized, well-coordinated approach could drive substantial growth and generate impressive results.

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