Capture More B2B Sales Leads with Multi-Channel Marketing

Everyone is in the business of growing leads; even the most straightforward marketing campaign is integrated with the lead generation process. When you’re in charge of selling a particular industry, service, or product, then chances are you would have already come across lead generation.

However, in today’s day and age, lead generation has grown into a dynamic process that can be accomplished using different channels and strategies. This article focuses on developing B2B leads with the use of multi-channel marketing, and utilizing all the latest advancements that we have.

Check out how you can improve your lead generation marketing campaign with these tips and latest developments in multi-channel lead generation.

#1 Do Not Forget The Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most influential tools that you have at your disposal because let’s face it; nobody likes have a fully-fledged advertisement hitting them square in the face. Content marketing focuses on the added value that you can give a potential customer of your business.

How do you utilize content marketing? Simple really. Your business will be in a particular industry so publish content that is relevant to that industry instead of your product or service itself. This will add more value to what your customers are seeing, and it will make it seem like you are both an authority on particular topics, and that you care about the industry as much as you care about profits.

There are plenty of ways that you can do this, publish infographics, disseminate newsletters, produce relevant share worthy articles on social media, publish white papers or research reports, and even hold webinars.

The possibilities of using content marketing to promote your B2B operations are endless.

Here’s a pro tip: Don’t focus on the current web properties that you currently have. Some companies have been launching micro-sites that give out advice and are said to be useful lead generation mediums in the long run.

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Channel effectiveness during early/later stages of the sales funnel:


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#2 How Does Your Social Media Presence Look Like?

Do not think of this as your primary venue for developing leads for your B2B business, but rather the casual quasi-formal face that your business shows to the world. Some people will react to how a company functions “casually” on social media.

Using the social media perspective, this is an excellent way for you to show another side of the company, reach potential customers, and keep them engaged.

Do not be afraid to engage with people on your social media networks because other people are watching, too. This is a chance for you to show the other side of the company and push your conversion rate.

Of course, we can never negate the fact that you can also publish adverts on your social media platforms. However, keep them to promotions, nobody likes a lot of advertising.

Channel effectiveness during early/later stages of the sales funnel:


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#3 We Know Email is Old School, But Are You Using It?

Ask almost any marketer that has led a B2B lead generation campaign and probably the first thing they will tell you about is their proper email marketing campaigns. However, it has now gone beyond getting a list of prospective customers’ emails and hitting bulk send.

We are now in an age where everyone demands things that are custom fit to their needs. That means even emails have to be crafted to specific target audiences within your intended market to maximize its potential.

Systems that link with your customer relationship campaigns are now the norm in any business, and they help create a somewhat automated way of performing lead generation.

It might seem daunting to create a custom campaign for each segment with a customized email, but the software is already there. We’re talking about being able to do A/B tests, change the wordings of emails based on the receiver, track email opens and conversions, and have canned follow up automatically scheduled.

With all this innovation, it would certainly make no sense at all if we weren’t going to utilize the tools that we have today fully.

Automation is critical here, in fact, if you don’t believe us, there are a lot of companies who have doubled and even tripled their revenue with automation. That means more staff-hours saved and cost per sale reduced.

Bonus Tip: Use the email lead generation marketing channel to promote your content marketing campaigns, too, if given a chance!

Channel effectiveness during early/later stages of the sales funnel:


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So there you have it, three different focuses of a multi-channel marketing plan that anyone can utilize in their B2B lead generation campaign.

We have officially entered the days where we cannot escape from multifaceted strategies in outreach that each serves a unique purpose, and with the rise of data collection and analysis, as well automation methods. There is no knowing where the dynamic world of lead generation can lead us in the future.

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